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in order: Lindsey bergman, kailey Hopkins, marasol Luna, jess mcconnel, Nicki Fleming, mia st. Clair, and next in 2009 there were 3 girl of the year dolls: crissa maxwell, Gwen tompson, and sonali matthews. lanie holland, kanani akina, Mckenna Brooks

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Q: What are girl of the year American girl last names?
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What year did American girl doll felcity retire?

Felicity and Elizabeth retired last year, Fall 2010.

What are Hawaiian names that start with a K?

Well, one is Kanani, American Girl Girl of the Year 2011, and I will tune in with you when I find out more! Thanks for reading! :)

Are they ever going to repeat American Girl Dolls of the year?

Most likely not. Each year the American Girl Doll of the year changes. American Girl most likely will not repeat American Girl Dolls of the year.

American girl of the year 2002?

Between 2001 and 2004, Girl of the year dolls were out for two years. So Lindsey was still the American Girl of the Year in 2002. And Kailey was the American Girl of the Year from 2003 to 2004.

Do you have to write to American girl to become girl of the year?

To tell the truth, I think you need special "connections"with American girl to become a girl of the year. The reason why is because so MANY girls write to American girl requesting to have an American girl of the year made after them. This is why they created my American girl (just like you). Sorry to disappoint you!

Who is the American Girl Girl of the Year doll going to be for 2015?

American Girl has not announced who the 2015 Girl of the Year will be. She is likely still being developed.

What is American girl girl of the year 2013?

Saige Copeland is the girl of the year 2013

What are the top girl names of 2013?

Each year, the Social Security Administration not only keeps track of the most popular baby names of the year, but also which names are climbing the charts the fastest. Sophia is the most popular baby girl name, beating out last years top name of Isabella " but these names have stiff competition! A love affair with the name Briella

Is the American girl doll of the year chosen from a real girl?

No I do not think so. All of these American girl of the year are all made up.

What is the American girl girl of the year of 2013?


Who was the 2009 American girl girl of the year?


Who was the 2005 ameirican girl of the year?

Marisol was the 2005 American Girl of the Year.