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The American Girl dolls are a collection based loosely on a historical basis. Dressed in period costumes, the body of the doll is the prototype of the Betsy McCall doll of the 1950s. These dolls are designed to be a play doll, not especially a collector doll although they are collector's items.

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American Girl Dolls

Where can you buy a Maplelea doll in Florida?

Go to a shop :D

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American Girl Dolls

How much does an American Girl Doll horse cost?

The fact of the matter is there are 4 full sized American Girl Doll Horses and 2 smaller sized filly horses. The horses cost $75. The fillies cost $44. Yet remember, it costs more for taxes, shipping/handling, and sometimes they may add express charges of 20 for the size of the shipment and can be on back order until certain date.

1. Palomino Horse (Light cream/white)

2. All American Girl Horse (Brown)

3. Kayla Horse (Black with white/grey spots) almost Apaloosa type

4. Black Stallion (Black) you'll find in catalogue, not on the internet or website.

The above are the full sized $75 horses.

All American Girl Dolls with Piercings are awesome for girls.

Less expensive Our Generation Horses run around $34.79 at Target and Have White Thouroughbred Horse, Brown Quarter Horse, Black American Saddle Horse, Black Lusitano Equestrian Horse, and Andalusian Horse.

Sometimes you pay for the quality. But I've heard both are great quality.

American Girl Dolls

How do you become a American Girl of the Year?

You can't
Well, the have staff members who write the stories for ag and the put it upon a board and pick the best.
You can't. It is chosen at random.
you can't; the company just makes a person up.
You cannot!!

The AG writers make up a story, that fits the time period. I don' think they base it on real people with the names they pick. They create the name and story...
well the American girl Lanies Back yard contest has past already but if you are talking about the contest of how they determine the girl of the year well they just choose some one which they make up and then they make a story with morals for it

You can't, the American girl doll of the year is not real, she is a story character.

But you can enter the make a poster contest. There is a contest this year where you make a poster that has to do with stopping bullying and creating a more peaceful world.
Unfortunately that cannot be done.
You can't.
Ummm you can't, the Girl of the Year characters are fictional.

American Girl Dolls

Are they making a new American girl store in MD?

No but the nearest American Girl store is in Washington DC.

American Girl Dolls

What happens if an American Girl doll gets wet?

First of all do not get your American Girl dolls wet.And if the eyes get wet they can rust the color of her eye can go away and become silver, Also they will be closed forever or opened forever.Then your doll will maybe get sent to the doll hospital for new eyes.or bye a new doll.So yes that what will happen or you can replace the eyes your self. witch would be very cheaper. And remember Kids don't get your American Girl Dolls Wet.
American girls are not waterproof
It's best not to put an American Girl doll in water, as the dolls aren't made of waterproof material.
they turn blue
Yes, they can, but not too wet. When you are styling their hair, it is better to lightly mist it with water. You can even wash it, if you need to (but only sometimes and with mild [baby] shampoo).

Feel free to improve this answer! :) okay! ~jkoala12


Don't get the "scalp" wet, or the cloth wet. They both could mildew and mold. Also a stench could come up, lol.

Good luck.
I say no but u can put her in if u want but will need to restaff her the if her eyes get stuck or hair fall of cuz of glue do not be surprise
I wouldn't suggest it, as the American Girl dolls' bodies are stuffed and will absorb the water, which could lead to mildew if improperly dried.

Definitely not. It will ruin your dolls, so don't try it.
Definitely not!
No. American girl dolls should not get wet. If their eyes do, they will dry and stay open or closed forever, or sometimes the sticker that makes their eyes colored can come off, making the eye look silver. If the body gets wet, it can get moldy o the inside if not dried properly. It is okay to mist their hair, and I have washed my girl's hair and put conditioner on once when it got dry, but I made it certain that her body would not get wet.

DO NOT get the wig cap wet. It could mold, mildew, and worse. When you wash the doll's hair, stay away from the "scalp". You should only wash the hair if you can't get it out any other way.

Good luck!
no the water will ruin the torso of the doll.
No. AG themselves suggests not to. The dolls body could get wet, which means they could mold. Also their eyes, if water is applied their eyes could rust and they will no longer open or close.
The eyes will eventually rust and you will have to send the doll into the Doll Hospital to get her eyes replaced.

American Girl Dolls

What stores sell American Girl books?

There are many places that sell AG books. I've seen them at barnes&noble, half price books, and other book stores. You can also find them online!

American Girl Dolls

How tall does an American girl wheelchair stand?

W: 8"

h: 12"

d: 12"

American Girl Dolls

Where American Girl dolls are sold in Bahrain?

you can try looking in thrift stores but the only luck with a new one would be online

American Girl Dolls

How big are American girl doll shoes?

The shoe size on an American Girl doll is 2 5/8 inches long by 1 3/8 inches wide.

Other measurements:

Here are the approximate measurements of our American Girl models

Height: 18"

Legs (crotch to floor): 7"

Waist: 11"

Shoulder to wrist: 5.5"

American Girl Dolls

How much is Lanie's camper and gear?

It is 295 on American girl and on eBay it is i think $500 that is expensive but it is retired so well?

American Girl Dolls

Who created the American Girl dolls?

Amercan Girl Dolls are dolls that are nonfictional historical figures that help girls understand about life from historic events such as WW2 or slavery. They make dolls and books that you can play with and buy excessorys for or for just a display if you want. They also have a magazine, several books about tips for school or growing up. They also have Just Like You Dolls where you can choose a doll that looks like you or a friend. They are priced at about $90 for the Just Like You Dolls or you can pay extra for earrings and a cellphone. As for the Historical figures, they are usually in between $100-$120. They are expensive but loads of fun!
The name would be Pleasant Rowlands creator of the American Girl Dolls Corp.
Go to the link located below and you can read all about it.
Pleasant Rowland
The American Girl was created by Pleasant T. Rowland.
Pleasant Rowland invented the company in 1986. The popular toy company Mattel took it over 1998. The American Girl Magazine was started in 1992. There are about 10 retail locations as of June 2011.
Pleasant Rowland created the American Girl doll brand in 1986. In 1998, the Pleasant Company was sold to Mattel.
You mean the CEO and founder of the American Girl doll brand which is Pleasant Rowland.
Pleasant Rowland
That would be Mrs. Pleasant Rowland. Owner and CEO of the American Girl Dolls. :)
They were invented by Plesant T. Rowland in 1986.
Pleasant T. Rowland
The founder of American Girl was Pleasant Rowland
The company was founded in 1986 by Pleasant Rowland, and its products were originally purchasable by mail order only.
That would be Mrs. Pleasant Rowland.
As far as company, they were released in 1986 by the Pleasant Company. As far as the actual creator, Pleasant T. Rowland.
Pleasant Rowland created the first American Girl dolls, and the company she founded was Pleasant Company (now known as American Girl).
A man named Pleasant Rowland invented American Girl .

American Girl Dolls

When were American Girl dolls first sold?

Per the AG Website:

The American Girl business was founded as Pleasant Company in 1986 by Pleasant T. Rowland and was acquired by Mattel, Inc. in 1998
In 1986 by Pleasant T. Rowland, her idea was to create dolls that girls could use and relate to. Pleasant wanted dolls that would last a long time unlike some paper dolls. American girls were popular because they were larger than a Barbie doll.
In 1983, educator, writer, and entrepreneur Pleasant T. Rowland was looking for dolls to give her nieces for Christmas. She found baby dolls (which emphasize mothering) and teenage or adult dolls (which emphasize future aspirations of an older age), but no dolls that realistically represented girls in an eight-to-twelve age range. This experience was coupled with a visit to Colonial Williamsburg, a place which Rowland felt personified the accessibility of living history and which inspired her to create a line of historical character dolls and books.
Pleasant Company (American Girl) was founded in 1986 by Pleasant T. Rowland. It began with only 3 dolls: Kirsten Larson, Samantha Parkington, and Molly McIntire. For more information about American Girl's history, go to
I think it the first doll was designed in 1986 (they were even more popular than barbie dolls) but i bet you could google it
Well i think a lady started for her daughter or that is the rumor then a person loved it so the company American girl doll was born
1986 then the first three Samantha molly and Kirsten which molly is the only one still available out of the three
1986, 25 years ago.

Since 1986

The American Girl Company began in 1986.
The American Girl company was started in 1986.
In 1986 the first catalogue was made with the dolls such as: Samantha Parkington, Kristen Larson and Molly McIntire. This is found on
american girl dolls where patented and announced in 2010. the american girl dolls are so popular now that everyone wants one!
== ==
In 1986 when the company was founded.
American Girl, known for its production of dolls for girls from ages three to twelve, was first founded in 1986 by Pleasant Rowland. At this time, the company was only making historical fiction books and three different dolls which symbolized characters from these books. However, the company has increased in popularity, as it now produces more items for girls, such as a clothing.
American girl was established in 1986.
well American girl been around since the 80s, because 2011 is their 25th anniversary. Do the math. The dolls are 10 years old though in the stories
The American Girl Company is celebrating their 25th birthday this year, in 2011. As a marker of this event, they will be hosting a cruise in November and special editions of mini-dolls that have been retired will come available this year ONLY.
1986 by Plesant Rowland! I love her sooo much she has improved my life sooo much. Now the american girl dolls are owned by Mattel. Mattel purchased the company in 1998 and fully took over by 2000. Hope this helped!


in 1986

1948 or 1958

where did the first American girl doll mad

American Girl Dolls

Where is the American Girl Doll store in Seattle?

They have one there now!

The address is as follows:

Alderwood Mall, 3000 184th Street, Lynnwood, WA 98037

American Girl Dolls

Are their coupons for American girl And if yes how can I get some?

no their aren't any cupons.... that i know of. sorry.

American Girl Dolls

What is the largest American Girl doll store?


American Girl Dolls

How do you re-wig an American Girl doll?

Contact the American Doll store. They can do many repairs.

American Girl Dolls

Who was the American Girl Doll of the Year in 2012?

You'll know by looking on "Doll Diaries" that her name is McKenna, and she is a gymnast. She is rumored to have brown hair and hazel eyes.
I've heard it's going to be a girl named Casey Jones. I don't know what her personality is, but she will probably be one of those save the environment girls like Lanie and Kanani. All I know about her looks is that she is supposed to have brown eyes. Hope this answer is what you're looking for!

from, Jenn.

No, her name is, Velma and she is a gymnastic girl. Plus they're gonna mke a movie of her.

No, her name is, McKenna Brooks. But your right she is a gymnast and they r going to make a movie of her.
Well, we probably might never know for sure which doll will be next. But it is fun to find out, or even vote! If you are a member of youtube, check there. they will show who they vote for, and maybe that may give you some ideas of the next AG doll of the year!
Yodisha AMnua shes a musmelem
No one knows except for the American Girl Company. You will just have to wait until very late 2011 or until 2012 to find out, sorry. But, i can assure you that the American Girl will be beautiful, they always are, good luck with you search, sorry i couldn't really help you.
her name is McKenna and she is a gymnast
her name is McKenna:

Ten-year-old McKenna is ready to start fourth grade, but when she begins to fall behind in school, McKenna's teacher suggests that she should get help from a tutor and encouragement from Josie, a confident girl in a wheelchair, McKenna manages to regain confident in her ability.
the amarican girl doll of the year is aloha Kanani so there's the anwesr.!
Mckenna Brooks, 2012 GOTY
It will be announced at the end of 2011.
I heard that American Girl GOTY 2012 has dark brown hair blue eyes and she does gymnastics, her name is mckenna and they're going to make a movie about her, you'll see on
No one knows.
it's a pretty girl named McKenna
No one knows for sure, so you'll have to wait until January 1st,2012 to see.Only the company that made it knows for sure.
we'll find out in December of 2011. now is kanani's time.
McKenna Brooks is the GOTY 2012
mckenna brooks, girl of the year 2012, who will be coming out on Jan. 1st
Rumors state that American Girl is in the works of an Gymnastics Movie, Rumors say that she will be named "mekenna" which is not likely a a cover name. She has blue eyes also.
We don't even know if Mattel (american girl) knows yet so the answer to your question is nobody knows and they have not yet released information on that subject.

It's McKenna Brooks! Near the end of the year go on to see the GOTY 2013.
no one knows except the company
No one knows what the next American Girl will be. Right now, 2012, is McKenna, a girl who loves to do gymnastics.
I dont know who it is but you can check other posts and websites or wait until jan. 1 2012, her name is Velma.

No, her name is McKenna Brooks. The name Velma was just rumors
Probably not! I think her first name will begin with an S though if that helps. :)
McKenna, and she already came out. You can buy her now for $105.
Her name is MeKenna. She is a gymnast and I believe she is Irish. She looks somewhat like doll #G1970 or #G1966
American Girl has not released the 2012 American Girl of The Year Yet. In January they will, as that is when they always release the GOTY.
For 2012, McKenna is the new American Girl for the year.
Mckenna Brooks
Her name is Mckenna she is the American girl of the year 2012!

American Girl Dolls

Is there an American girl store in Phoenix Arizona?


American Girl Dolls

Do journey girl shoes fit American girl dolls?

Journey girl shoes DO fit on american girl doll's feet

American Girl Dolls

Where can you buy an American doll near Houston Texas?

You can buy one online, catalog, and soon at the American Girl Place at the Memorial City Mall, it opens this Fall.

American Girl Dolls

How do you change your American girl dolls head?

you don't change yyour American girls head you can if you take the string that's attached to her head untie it and then lift it out of her body put it back in by slipping it innto the hole then tying the string

American Girl Dolls

What size wig does the American Girl doll wear?


American Girl Dolls
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American Girl Dolls

When is Kit Kittredge's birthday?

January 25
may 19

American Girl Dolls

Can you take American girl dolls on a plane?

Yes you can. If you have them in a bag though, the bag will have to be checked/scanned in security.


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