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Well, when I beat the game I used a lv.61 Meganium, lv. 31 red Gyrados, lv.31 Dragonair, lv. 42 Entei, and the rest were no help. But the Dragon and the Dark Elite 4 were the hardest. Make sure (if you have one,) your Meganium knows razorleaf, bodyslam, and I forget. but Entei knows pretty weak moves, but definitally comes in handy when you come to the Dark Elite 4.

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Who is the Pokemon elite four champion in soul silver?

The Elite Four Champion in Pokémon SoulSilver Version is Champion Lance.

What team should you bring into the elite for with for Pokemon soul silver?

well... for me i used my strongest Pokemon in the battles against the Elite 4... but it all depends on the kind of Pokemon that you have caught and their levels as well

What Pokemon should you use against the elite 4 and the champion Soul Silver?

you should have an ice type Pokemon, a fighting type Pokemon and an electric type Pokemon

Where does red go in Pokemon crestol vershon?

Red goes to Mt. Silver in the Crystal Version. You can fight him after you beat the Elite Four.

Where is the elite 4 in Pokemon gold silver and crystal?

the elite 4 is in kanto

Elite Four Pokemon Silver?

eat poo

Where are the elite four in Pokemon Silver?

They are at indigo plateau

What is the best Pokemon for battling the elite four on Pokemon soul silver?

Lugia because it is physic and super affective against poison and fighting but don't use it against dark because they will kill it easily

Where do you find the silver wing on Pokemon gold?

after you beat the elite four, you can go to to the Kanto region. (at least i think its Kanto its the one with Brock and misty) at the first city, pewter town, there is a man next to the Pokemon center after you beat Brock he will give you the silver wing (gold version) or the rainbow wing (silver version).

How do you beat the elite four on Pokemon silver?

get one pokemon to level 100

How do you trade Pokemon from soul silver to white or black version?

You have to beat the Elite Four first, then you can use the game sync to trade between them, your welcome :)

WHere is lavender Town in Pokemon Silver?

i don't know buti think you have to beat the elite four because the elite four is the kanto regin in Pokemon silver IM THE NUMBER ONE POKEMON FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How can you get to the next region i Pokemon Silver?

Beat the Elite 4

In Pokemon soul silver do the elite four get harder?

Yes, they do

Where is your rival after you beat the elite four in Pokemon soul silver?

I do not know where he is after beating elite four soul silver. I hope to find him soon.

How can you defeat the first elite on Pokemon silver?

your Pokemon need to be lv 40 to beat him

Where do you find ash on red version?

Mount Silver after beating the elite four, each time you beat the elite four he will be there waiting Allow me to correct the first answer its not ash its red. Second This is I'm guessing pokemon Red version if so then you can't battle red there isn't a Mount Silver in kanto and you can only battle him in Gold,Silver,Crystal,HeartGold,SoulSilver.

Is it possible to transfer Pokemon from sapphire version to white version?

No. You need to migrate to diamond, pearl, platibnum, heart gold, or soul silver first, then Pokemon transfer the same Pokemon.( requires two ds's, one gameboy advance, diamond, pearl, platinum, heart gold, or soul silver, and a copy of Pokemon black or white with progress past the elite four)

What is the elite four in silver like?

It's the same as Pokemon gold and crystal. Elite four Pokemon are between levels 40-50.

What do you do in Pokemon Soul Silver after defeating the Elite Four?

beat ash or red. on mt silver

What Pokemon against elite four blue version?

in the blue version i used a Jolteon, a Charizard, Gyarados, Kadabra, Lapras and Haunter. just make them all level 55 and you'll make it.

Can you get johto Pokemon on Pokemon FireRed's version?

Yes, after beating the Elite Four, they will be roaming Kanto.

How do you get to Gary at the Pokemon league in Pokemon firered version?

defeat the Elite Four at the indigo league

How do you beat the elite 4 on pokemon pearl version?

uh level up ur pokemon!

What is the Elite 4 on Pokemon platinum version?

if a the i 323123213 and a they is 9978978987 then what is the plus they

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