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An m85 submachine gun. They're very good, have moderate accuracy but will hit the target, and are elecric for added speed shooting.

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Depends on what style

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Q: What are good air soft guns under 200 dollars?
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What is the best spring pistol you can buy for under 50 dollars?

I assume you are asking about BB guns not Air soft guns. There are a few that fall under $50 but they are C02 not spring powered. Marksman makes a line of spring pistols under $50 but they are terrible and not worth the cost. See the link below for C02 air guns.

Can kids under the age of 13 play with air soft guns?


Is air soft mega store a good place to buy air soft guns?

It is a good place to buy guns and BBs for cheap prices. Though if you are looking for upgrades go to airsoft gi.

Are Airsoft Guns illegal in AUS?

yes that's the good thing about air soft guns their legal anywhere

Is Dick's Sporting Goods a good place to get a air soft gun?

Yes it has good guns for begianners and they are cheap

Is a 276 feet per second air soft gun good?

For an air soft gun it's average. Air soft guns can reach 400 FPS.

What material can air soft guns shoot through?

With a good airsorf gun, a shoe box.

How are air-soft guns bad?

Guns (including airsoft guns) are neither good nor bad. They are inanimate objects, and cannot act on their own. Like matches, knives, pens and computers, they can be USED to do good or bad things.

Where can I get air soft guns in Kuwait?

bunker 501 is the best place in Europe and evike is good too

Are air soft guns popular?

Air soft guns are popular over the nation. Do not use one if you are not at least 15 :).

Are air soft legal in Arizona?

Air Soft guns. Yes

What kind of gas do air soft guns use?

the gas powered air soft guns use CO2 or green gas