What are good animal story ideas?

Updated: 3/25/2024
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Any idea you like is a good idea - if you want an assignment, your teacher is the best one to give you one! That's what you're doing when you ask someone else to tell you what to write. Here's a good link to show you where authors get ideas.

Well... good animal stories ideas are a rabbit fighting a kangaroo!


I'm not a real author, but I do enjoy writing stories, especially about animals. It's probably a bit late now, but anyone else looking at this can have them..... I'm not sure whether you want the story to be from a humans or an animal's point of view, so I'm just going to list everything.

-A species of animal form a group to not have to live with humans/in zoos anymore.

-A natural disaster causes all the humans to evacuate, leaving their beloved pets behind. Do they return, or do the pets have to learn to survive in an unforgiving city?

-Your calm, uncaring pet over there is actually a shapeshifter from another planet....

-Scientists form a new species of (animal), perfect for keeping as a pet, but little do they realize these new animals are intelligent.

-At an animal testing facility, a cat has been given a new type of hair product. It gives the cat human-like intelligence, and it soon escapes, ready to take revenge on humankind.

-Every time the animal touches water, it grows slightly bigger.

-A dog digs it's way under the backyard fence, only to fall into an underground system of tunnels, all used by a tribe of dogs.

-A dog goes with his family camping, but they lose him in the forest. What troubles does he have to go through to get back home?

-An (animal) is struck by lightning, but survives. It seems to be acting very odd now though....

-A dog's point of view on a trip to the vet.

-Diary of a dog. Make it is as simple or detailed as you like. For a simple one, best for Children's Books, it could just be.....Woke up. Scratched. Looked for food. Saw dry biscuits. Ate human's cake instead. Slept etc.

Well, here's 9 or 10 ideas, I can't be stuffed counting, I hope this gives any readers a bit of inspiration.

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  1. A young wolf who must prove himself to the pack by embarking on a dangerous quest to find a rare herb to save his leader.
  2. A group of unlikely animal friends - a squirrel, rabbit, and mouse - team up to outsmart a cunning fox who threatens their forest home.
  3. An adventurous bird who discovers a mysterious island with magical powers and must navigate its challenges to save his endangered flock.
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Q: What are good animal story ideas?
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