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modeling agencies are the ones who care in what they are modeling for.

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Q: What are good modeling agencies for children in New York?
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What are some good modeling agencies?

Elite, and Next are good modeling agencies.

What are the top modeling agencies for children in London?

I would try our Elizabeth Smith as it is one of the oldest child and baby modeling agencies in the UK. I would also check out the related website about baby modeling as it has some good tips on vetting the agencies and avoiding scams.

Where is a good modeling agency?

Good modeling agencies are typically found in the larger markets such as New York, Miami, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. However, there are many modeling agencies in smaller cities and states, of course the amount of work to be found in a smaller market can't compare to modeling in a larger market. Often just searching for modeling agencies online will turn up websites and other resources. Here is a good site where you can do a search for agencies by state:

What are the top modeling agencies for children in Atlanta GA?

Here is a link to a list of modeling agencies in Atlanta. Be sure to browse their websites to see which ones have a children's division. The most important thing in finding a modeling agency is to make sure that the agency is a good fit for your child and vice versa:

Where are good modeling agencies and schools in Arizona that can atleast lead me somewhere good in the future?

Skip modeling schools and deal directly with the modeling agencies. Here is a link to modeling agencies in Arizona, whose websites you can check out to see what their requirements are and what photos you need to send in:

What is a good modeling agency for kids in Everett WA?

There currently are no established modeling agencies in Everett, WA. The agencies in that state are located in Seattle.

Where are good Modeling agencies located and real ones?

The best and most legit modeling agencies can be found all over the world and are usually all located in large cities and markets. Examples for the best modeling markets/areas in the United States include: New York, Los Angeles and Miami.

Is there an Asian modeling agency?

There are plenty of Asian modeling agencies and of course the best ones are located in Asia. is one website that keeps a fairly good roster of modeling agencies based on international location.

What are some good onling modeling agencies?

Kimy mera and ashely mera

What are some good modeling agencies for small teens you are fourteen and just around 5 foot you are supposed to grow to like 5 foot 5 inches What are some good agencies that take models this small?

There are a few good modeling agencies that work with small teens at the age fourteen. The top three modeling companies are Wilhelmina Models, Elite Models and Ford Models.

Would exposing my photos on youtube be a good way to get noticed by modeling agencies?

It would get you exposure but more than likely from scam artists. Sending your pictures directly to the modeling agencies is the best way to get noticed.

What college do you have to go to be a fashion model?

If you have the right look just send your photos to elite, ford, etc.. it really helps if you live in New York or California. Plus most modeling agencies will reject you if they heard you went to school for modeling. good luck!

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