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Some good hermit crabs names are....


2. Arthur

3. Eddy

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Are the names Bubbles and Squidster good for hermit crabs and what other names are good?

nipper and yeah there cool

What are some facts about hermit crabs?

Hermit crabs can snap a pencil in two! Hermit crabs have been abused by PEOPLE and STILL ARE! :( :( Hermit crabs are not easy pets to take care of hermit crabs molt ( research more about it) Hermit crabs need 70 - 80% / F , Humidity and temp Hermit crabs LOVE to climb trees! Hermit crabs are very social get at least 2! hermit crabs get their names cause of the 1 shell on their back Hermit crabs need distilled water and SEA salt water Hermit crabs have modified gills Hermit crabs are scavengers ect . . . ect . . .

What is a good name for a hermit crab?

hermie or herbieHermblesI have a hermit crab named Summer but Hermie,Herbie, and Hermbles are good names too!Hermit Crabs are Great pets! :)

Should you add water to your hermit crabs tank?

Yes its very good for the hermit crabs body!

Are hermit crabs real crabs?

Hermit crabs are not true crabs.

Do hermit crabs produce asexually?

no, hermit crabs mate with other hermit crabs

Why do you think the hermit crab was given its name?

The hermit crab was given their names because they live in a shell, alone. But hermit crabs are the very sosial and you should buy at least 3 hermit crabs.

Do male hermit crabs fight?

any hermit crabs might fight, although if you have good shells and food for them they shouldn't.

Are hermit crabs related to Lobster's?

no hermit crabs r related to other hermit crabs and crabs but no not a lobster Hermit crabs are more closely related to squat lobsters and porcelain crabs than they are to true crabs.

How do Hermit Crabs get there food?

Hermit Crabs eat anything they can get there claws on. but i feed my hermit crabs neopolitan cookies and just regular food for hermit crabs

What crabs can live with hermit crabs?

red clawed crabs can live with hermit crabs/

What are water hermit crabs?

Water hermit crabs, are simply hermit crabs that live and survive in water.

What are hermit crabs prey?

what do hermit crabs eat

Can hermit crabs have babies after you get them?

Get what? The hermit crabs or the babies?

Are hermit crabs herbavores?

No, Hermit Crabs are omnivores.

Do hermit crabs cry?

No hermit crabs do not cry.

Are hermit crabs scared of other hermit crabs?

Hermit crabs are not afraid of other hermit crabs, they are actually very social animals who prefer the company of other crabs to being alone.

What does it mean when hermit crabs chirp?

they are not hermit crabs they are birds. < that is completly wronge, when the hermit crabs make chirps it means they are communicating with other hermit crabs because hermit crabs are very social!! :) i hope that helps you :p

Were can you get hermit crabs and hermit crab tanks?

You can buy hermit crabs at stores such as Petco. They have many hermit crabs things to meet your needs.

How many hermit crabs fit in a 15 gallon tank?

15 gallons would be good for five hermit crabs at tops.

Are hermit crabs the same as crazy crabs?

Crazy crabs are a type of land or terrestrial hermit crab. There are hundreds of species of hermit crabs.

How do hermit crabs pee?

Yes hermit crabs pee, but i am not 100% of how a hermit crab does it

What Enemies Do Hermit Crabs Have?

fish and bigger hermit crabs

Do Hermit Crabs Have Antennas?

Yes hermit crabs have antennas.

Are hermit crabs invertebrates?

Hermit crabs are invertebrates. They have exoskeletons.