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What are good teen chat rooms?

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Our world...

Moviestarplanet(13 years probs although i know 15 year olds playing it)

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What are some good teen chat rooms that have avatars?

My Favorite is Runescape. But it is not a chat room. It is a RPG

What is the age limit for using 321 Gay Teen Chat?

321 Gay Teen Chat is a chat room for LGBT boys and girls. 321 Gay Teen Chat has a variety of different themed chat rooms as well as the option of private messaging. The age limits for the teen chat rooms are between 13 and 20 years old.

Are there organizations to prevent teen chat rooms?

Technically, no. There are no organizations against teen chat rooms. Chat rooms, when used in moderation, are completely safe. There are, however, organizations promoting internet safety, and most chat room websites have articles persuading users to use their services safely and responsibly.

What are so good things about chat rooms?

Chat rooms are a great way to chat to new people and waste time, many chat rooms are on social network sites.

Good free chat rooms?

There are plenty of good free chat rooms on the net. Just try using Google and you should find plenty. AOL has many free chat rooms.

What are good chat rooms for tween girls?

tween girls should only talk in person. In real rooms. Not chat rooms.

What are the best teen chat rooms?

Habbo.com VirtualFamilyKingdom.com Ourworld.com gaia.com runescape.com ourteennetwork.com go to iTalk dot com, They have almost the best unlimited chat rooms ever

Why are chat rooms good?

Chat rooms are good because they let people all over the world online talk and interact with eachother.

What are good chat rooms?


Does Bing have chat rooms?

No, Bing does not have chat rooms.

Any good kid chat rooms?

www.everythingwebkinz.com then click on chat or chatroom or something.

Are there any good teen chat websites out there?

Yes their is a great teen chat website for teens 13 to 19 "ourteennetwork.com"also try 321chat.com/teen/

Where are all the military chat rooms?

Yahoo chat has military chat rooms.

What is so fun about chat rooms?

zwinky.com zwinkycuties.com and clubpenguin.com are all very good chat rooms for children but zwinky is more for teens

Which websites offer free music chat rooms?

Some websites that offer free music chat rooms are Chat Avenue, Chat Jungle, and WeirdTown Chat. You can also find free music chat rooms at Userplane and AIM Chat Rooms.

What are good pro ana chat rooms?

I don't know any chat rooms, but I would reccommend reading the blog Dying to Be Thin, at dyintobethin.blogspot.com

Are all people on teen chat rooms paedos?

No, not all people on teen chat rooms are pedophiles. However, it is imperative to use common sense and to be cautious when talking to people online, because some people are not who they report themselves to be. For this reason, many parents monitor their children's Internet usage.

What are the best adult chat rooms?

Depends what you mean by 'best'. If you want a clean adult social network and chat site then you would need to research online for only those that fit that description. AOL have many good, clean, decent chat rooms. At AOL there are hobby or interest chat rooms and there are age group chat rooms. There are also chat room moderators to make sure that everything runs pleasantly. The chat rooms are all free to use.

Is there any chat rooms in Answers.com?

No. Answers.com does not offer chat rooms.

Are there any Wiccan chat rooms?

Wiccan Chat RoomsWicca-chat is a good Wiccan chat room. The link is in Related Links below. If you Google "wiccan chat rooms" some popular ones come up on top of the list. there are other chatrooms another is #innercircle on the icq net work

Are there chat dating rooms on the internet?

Dating chat rooms are all over the internet. The best thing to do is to do a search and you're sure to get a list of many sites that have a dating chat room. Good luck!

What are some examples of a teen chat room?

Some examples of a team chat room are Join the Puzzle, Teen Chat, and Myspace. Other examples of a teen chat room includes Chat Avenue, Teen Spot, and ICQ.

What are some good chat rooms that do not require you to sign up?

a good chat site depending on what your looking for is 123chat and stuff like that.. www.xat.com

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