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Apples, Pears, bananas, carrots, watermelon, pitted dates, and most all other fruits.

Hay cubes, oats, bran (etc), and alfafa cubes (made for horses).

Sugar(s) and Molasses are favorites of the horses themselves, but give these to them in MODERATION. They can do a number on their teeth and should be fed lightly!

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What does a horse doctor do?

Treats horses

Can horses eat oats and sugar cubes?

Yes. Horses can safely consume oats. Sugar cubes make good use as horse treats. Since both can be viewed as "treats", be sure to give them only a reasonable amount when they deserve it.

What treats can horses eat?

horses can eat apples, carrots, turnips, sugar cubes, treats made for horses and rasins soo u can give your horse any of these i think these are all of them

What are the best treats to give horses?

Horses can get tooth decay from too many sugary treats, so mints are not the best treat for them, although many people use those. Most horses really enjoy apples and carrots. These are much healthier treats for them.

Does your horse get cavities when they eat treats?

Too many sugary treats can cause cavities in horses. A few is OK though, and most treats designed for horses are made with minimal sugar to prevent cavities.

Are kiwis good for horses?

Well fruit is fine for horses as long as you don't give them to much. Apples, oranges, ect are all good as just treats! Only give your horse a few pieces!!

Do horses have a preference in treats?

Horses are just like people when it comes to the foods they like to eat. They will eat almost anything that they can digest, and there are foods that should be reserved for treats as opposed to using them as "feed", Most horses like A wide variety of fruits and vegetables, And, To answer what I think was your question: Some horses prefer some treats over other treats that A different horse might like best.

Can horses get cavities from eating sugary and treats?


What are donkeys favorite treats?

Carrots, apples, sugar cubes, mints, or specific treats made for horses.

Are bananas bad for horses?

bananas are okay for horses. they like bananas because they are sweet but treats designed for horses is better.

What do horses like to eat the most?

Horses like eating grass the most or their nut treats

Why do horses eat carrots?

Horses get carrots as treats for when they do their best while training or just for fun.

White horses what they eat?

Every horse eats grass/hay. Ocasionally grain and treats like that!! All horses eat grass/hay. Ocasionally grain and treats

Sara has a basket full of equine treats She divides these equally among her 6 horses Each horse gets 7 treats How many equine treats did Sara have in her basket?

If each horse gets 7 treats and there are 6 horses to get the answer you just need to multiply 7 by 6 and the answer is 42

What foods are treats to horses?

sugar cubes, apples, carrots

Is Honey Poinsenous in horses?

No, they actually use it in horse treats.

Do surgery treats give horses cavities?

It's possible.

Can horses eat chocalate?

Chocolate is not recommended for horses. Instead, give them treats that you know are tasty and safe.

Feeding a horse sugary food and treats can?

No....never give them too many. Sugar cubes are treats to horses like apples are. Usually you give them when they've done good or its their B-Day. Still its like humans and candy....its good but not the best if we have too much.

What is a doctor called who treats horses?

There is no specific name, aside from veterinarian.

What is the name given to a doctor who treats ponies and horses?

equine vet

What food do rabbits and horses eat?

Horses and rabbits eat mainly hay or grass and can be supplemented with species specific pelleted feeds. It's also good to give them a variety of treats such as certain fruit and vegetables.

Can horses eat dog biscuits?

No, horses should never eat any food designed to be fed to dogs , cats, or any other predatory aniaml as it will contain some type of meat product or flavoring which is not good for a horses digestive tract. You can buy or make treats that are specifically designed for horses.

Can a horse get cavities when you feed it sugary foods and treats?

Sugary treats do not usually cause cavities in horses . Horses' teeth continue to grow all their life and need to be looked at once a year. Food trapped between the horse's teeth or growth at odd angles are more likely to cause decay. If you are worried about the amount of sweet treats you give, try some treats designed just for horses. A friend of mine has a pony that is not allowed sugary treats as he is prone to Laminitus so she buys sugar free sweets.

Can horses get cavities from sugary sweets?

Yes, they can and will when fed sugary treats in excess.

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