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What are good ways to flirt with a boy?

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Talk to him and if your with him twirl your hair.

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What are some good ways to flirt with a guy and have him flirt back?

well... marry him! hihi. ;p

What are ways you can get a boy to like you?

I just answerd a question similar to this. See how does a 12 year old flirt

What are some good ways for a guy to attract a girl first?

Flirt with her and talk to her.

How can i get a boy to like you back?

Be yourself flirt and look good like your having fun.

How can you flirt with a boy on instant messenger?

be cheeky and cute but all innocent about it - good luck x

How do you get a boy who likes you to ask you out when your in fifth grade?

Flirt,flirt,Flirt i got my first boyfrined in 5th grade and all i had to do was flirt

How flirt with girl?

to flirt with a girl, there are many ways to flirt. You could wink or wave at her when she stares at you. Every time you talk to this girl ,make sure you are not nervous. You could also google for a whole list of ways to flirt.

How do you get a boy the same age as me to like you at the age of eleven?

Flirt with him. A LOT You flirt with him. A LOT!!!!!

How can you flirt with a boy you dont see very often?

Well you can't but when you do go all the way!!!! good luck!........

How do you get a boy who is interested in another girl to notice you?

You should flirt with him and talk to him a lot to show that you are interested in him. Good Luck!

There is this boy you like what should you do to get him to noyice you?

Flirt Talk to him Laugh at his Jokes Take your time make him feel good

How are good ways to get pregnant with a boy?

Make him finish in you

How do you flirt with a boy who is taken?

In a word, brazenly.

How do you get a boy to like a girl?

just flirt with them

How do you get a boy to like you when you are moving?

Flirt with him!!1

How do you get a boy you don't know to kiss you?


How do you get a boy addicted to you?

flirt with him but play hard to get

How can you flirt with a boy around his friends with them not seeing you?

When you like a guy you never flirt with him in front of his friends. NEVER! Pick a different place to flirt

How do you get a boy to like you Now a days?

flirt flirt flirt charm him, also find out things he like so you know hell be interested

How do you flirt with a boy if you are going out but he is not very good?

Touch him sligtly, mov close to him , Get him to understand what you want him to do by putin hi shands in places or lips in different ways it will boost his confidence dnt over d oit or he will take advantage

If a boy laughs stares and hangs out with you what does that mean?

it might mean he likes you but if he does not flirt with you then he is probably just adoring how good of a friend you are.

Why is this boy in school always mean to you?

Sometimes this is one form that both men and women use to flirt for some reason. Though it could also mean that he is a plain rude person, or that he is indeed attempting to flirt with you, but through the wrong ways.

How do you get an 11 year old girl to date you?

Trust me im 11 and i had a boyfriend! BOYS. Flirt with he girl then you ask her out if she says yes yay you!! But if she says no flirt with her and ask her out again!! GIRLS. Flirt with the boy then ask him out but if he says yes yay 4 you but if he says no flirt with him then ask him out again!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!:P

What do you do when you want a boy to like you?

you flirt with him or dress to impress

If a boy doesn't flirt with you does it still mean he likes you?