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What are good ways to flirt with girls?

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Be yourself and be funny. Do not put on the tough guy act and don't be a bully while around anyone to try to impress the gals. Actually girls like guys that are strong looking yet show a softer side to themselves.


You'll want to appear manly but in touch with your feelings. You don't have to totally macho, but don't be a total wimp. Say something funny. We girls love humor


You could act nice , but don't push your luck.Don't go around making a fool out of everyone just to impress a girl/boy, because if you do that and the girl doesn't like you anymore, you lost the luck of being a girlfriend/boyfriend,and you aren't the person's friend that you made a fool out of ,too.


Say their name a lot and give them simple compliments like "cool earings" or something to that degree.


well a way to flirt with a girl with out hurting her feelings or being mean to her is defend her make her laugh and complimnet her like "nice shoes". boys flirt so many ways for example they flirt kindly mean rough shy funny and some times loud. they can also be mean but there only doing that to try and flirt with and sometime while he's around he would be very quiet. he would also just make you feel like your more important to him than anyone else. (hope this helps)

Show that you are paying attention to her. Find out what she is good at, or what she is insecure about and compliment her on it. Make her feel good about herself. also complimenting her on small things like her earrings or her new haircut do a TON for what she thinks of you as. Girls are often to scared to ask a guy out, so DEFINITELY go for it if you think you have HALF a chance.
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Is it good to flirt but not really flirt with all the girls in the school?

Whatever you do, DON'T flirt with girls already going out with someone.

Why girls flirt?

girls flirt to get a guys attention

What are some good ways to flirt with a guy and have him flirt back?

well... marry him! hihi. ;p

Is Harry Styles good with girls?

Harry is a flirt... Yes

How do girls flirt with girls?

The same way they flirt with boys.

Is eye contact a good way for girls to flirt?

All girls are different. In my opinion, I don't think that is a way to flirt. If you flatter your eyelashes, I do not think that is flirty either.

How do you make her jelous?

Girls get jealous very easily. One of the easiest ways to do this is to flirt with other girls whenever you're around her. Another thing that might make her jealous is to talk to her about girls you like.

What are ways girls flirt with guys?

It depends on they age. I am 13 and to flirt i giggle and smile ALOT i also play with my hair and try to be as close to him as possible at all times ...

How do you make studious boys love playful girls?


What are some good ways for a guy to attract a girl first?

Flirt with her and talk to her.

What are good ways to flirt with girls that know you like them?

you should start start asking her questions getting to know her agreeing with eher try to act best in front of her be nice and cool

What are good ways to flirt with a boy?

Talk to him and if your with him twirl your hair.Wink,smile,giggle,

Why do girls flirt boys?

Girls flirt with boys because they like them. They feel that if they flirt with the guys then they will start to like them. I flirt with guys to give them signs that i like them or want them to come and talk to me:) - hopefully this helped

How do girls get a boyfriend?

1. FLIRT 2. FLIRT 3. FLIRT how? go to wikihow and search flirting

What should I do if there is this guy you like who flirts with girls but you are too good to flirt?

If you think that you are to good to flirt then good luck cause I can tell you from a guys point of view that if a girl will not put worth any effort then most of the time it is not worth it. If he flirts with other girls around you he might want to see if i makes you jealous. and just flirt with him if you really like him u would!!!!!!!!!

There is this guy that I like and he asked me out what do I do?

Well from my perspective,if you think that he's a good,charming guy,then yeah,you should date him.But if he is a flirt and likes to flirt with other girls,then no.

What are good ways to mesterbate for girls?


How do guys flirt with girls?

im a shy guy, 18 years old, not antisocial, virgin unsurprisingly how do I flirt? I don't, if I tried I would just get ridiculously nervous. but I do stare at fine girls, I guess that's not good huh!

How do you attract girls for a date?


Do guys flirt only with one girl o a lot of girls?

They flirt with as many girls as they can, or with whomever gives them the time of day.

Do girls flirt unconsciously?

yes, girls flirt naturally when they first meet someone as well as when they are interested in someone, its the same with boys

Why do some girls flirt by hurting boys like pinching kicking ect?

Some girls just show affection in different ways. Like when boys tease they are trying to get attention, its the same when girls hurt.

How does a girl flirt with a guy?

By acting shallow. Guys do not respect girls who flirt: if you want a good guy, be a respectible, thoughtful, kind girl and wait until you are ready for marrage.

How flirt with girl?

to flirt with a girl, there are many ways to flirt. You could wink or wave at her when she stares at you. Every time you talk to this girl ,make sure you are not nervous. You could also google for a whole list of ways to flirt.

What are some good ways to flirt with girls?

1.Make her Laugh! 2.Show her respect 3.Make sure you help carry her things (or atleast try) 4.get her number 5. If she flirts back (flipping her hair,looking at you constantly,talking semi-dirty about condoms and stuff, etc.) flirt look her in the eye's and compliment her. And your good!