What are gorillas' enemies?


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Humans mainly but sometime leopards if they can get the young

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because gorillas is a monkey and gorillas is wild mammals.

White tiger enemies are gorillas

Adult gorillas have no other enemies than humans - unless you count other gorillas when competing for dominance in a group.

gorillas enemies are mainly leopards and mankind but sometimes crocodiles traps and poachers

To hide themselves from their enemies

No.They are found on different continents.Besides, tigers could kill gorillas.

Apart from humans, gorillas don't really have enemies. The only predator or prey on gorillas is the leopard

To protect themselves from their enemies.AND TO EAT.

Humans and leopards are the emenies to the lowland gorilla.

Garrison's Gorillas - 1967 Friendly Enemies 1-12 was released on: USA: 21 November 1967

Gorillas generally sleep in the forest. They may seek out more shelter and find a cave to sleep in or hide from enemies.

gorillas Gorillas are found in Africa, not Asia, and besides, even a silverback in prime condition would have little chance against a tiger.

The gorilla's only known enemies are leopards and humans. Crocodiles are potentially dangerous to lowland gorillas.

Collective nouns for gorillas are: a band of gorillasa troop of gorillasa whoop of gorillas

mountain gorillas: about 700 eastern lowland gorillas: about 5000 cross river gorillas: about 200 western lowland gorillas: about 100,000

Mountain gorillas and the Western Gorillas are two types of endangerd gorillas.

Giant Gorillas. Great Gorillas. Gunky Gorillas.

monkeys are monkeys....gorillas are gorillas

why i chosse the gorillas and why how many gorillas are left on earth

gorillas enimies are elephants because the gorillas are scared of them they are scared

Gorillas live in AfricaGorillas live in AFRICA

male or boy gorillas will tend to grow and be bigger than female gorillas and are most likely twice as heavy as female gorillas.

No, gorillas are not aggressive.

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