What are grounds for damages?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: What are grounds for damages?
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What kind of negligence denies liability for all damages on the grounds of negligence on the part of the plaintiff?

Contributory Negligence

What legal rights do you have if the pharmacist gives you the wrong prescription strength?

You seem to have grounds for a civil suit for damages, IFyou, or the recipient of the medication, suffered harm.

What are you entitled to sue for if you are not at fault in an accident?

If you are involved in an accident that is not your fault you can sue on several grounds. Damages to the vehicle if you owned it. Medical bills if injured, pain and suffering, lost wages, etc.

What is the difference between general damages and special damages?

How are ordinary damages are different from special damages

Can you sue your ex wife for damages?

Possibly, to file and have a chance of winning a lawsuit the person must have grounds to file the suit and provide evidence to prove that damage was incurred due to negligence or a deliberate harmful action by the defendant.

Who narrates Damages?

There is no narrator on Damages.

Can an accused with an acquital decision can claim a moral damage against the complainant?

(in the US) No. There is no such thing in the law as moral damage.However, if you believe that you were prosecuted maliciously you can attempt to sue for damages based on those grounds. Consult an attorney for further information.

Where does the final battel of Harry Potter and the deathly hollows happen?

Within the grounds of Hogwarts.Within the grounds of Hogwarts.Within the grounds of Hogwarts.Within the grounds of Hogwarts.

What are direct damages?

Direct damages refer to the damages followed directly upon the act done. This is also called as general damages. On the other hand, this does not comprise indirect damages like expenses earned.

In legal terms what are exemplary damages?

In legal terms, exemplary damages are damages that are requested and/or awarded in a lawsuit when the defendant's acts fall into the categories of malicious or fraudulent. Exemplary damages are also known as punitive damages.

car accidents or damages?

car accidents and damages

Do I have grounds for terminating my rental lease early My landlord didn't disclose to us that the last 2 tenants committed suicide in the house. I would have never moved in knowing this information.?

You do have grounds to terminate your lease but you need to go through the legal steps to do so. If your landlord didn't disclose that the last 2 tenants committed suicide in the house, you have a right to move, due to emotional damages.