What are guidelines for rock eval data interpretation?

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July 11, 2009 6:14AM

Q. 1: In the paragraph below, each line numbered 1 to 4 has one wrong word. Locate the wrong word. Then, identify which response option (A, B, C, or D), given below, has the correct combination of words that would make the paragraph read correctly. 1. At times our respirations seem more than wishful dreams. With a 2. sluggish global economy, slumping housing valuables, a tight 3. job market and rising costs for essentials such as healthy care and 4. tuition, achieving financial prosperity appears even more remotely. A. 1. perspiration. 2. ticklish. 3. rousing. 4. appeals. B. 1. bashful. 2. dumping. 3. essentially. 4. prosperous. C. 1. aspirations. 2. values. 3. health. 4. remote. D. 1. timely. 2. tightly. 3. carefully. 4. finance