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They are made of cells

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What are the organs in the human body made out of?

Organs in the human body are made of tissue. Tissue is made of a bunch of cells working together to do the same job.

What are human organs built by?

The human organs or the organ of any living thing is made up of Tissues .

What are the human body system made of?

A group of organs

In the human body what are systems made of?

A group of organs

The caribou food chain?

blood and organs of the human blood and organs of the human blood and organs of the human

The human body is made up of millions of what?

Cells and Organs

What are human organs?

The human organs are the heart the lungs (kidneys?)Mucsels

What organs did Leonardo da Vinci discover?

All the human organs were known before Leonardo's time. The novelty was that he made sketches of them.

What is the difference between organ transplant and artificial organs?

An organ transplant is when organs are taken out of human organ donors and placed into another human, but artificial organs are either grown in science labs from stem cells or electronic organs that are usually made of plastic or metal.

How do you make a human heart out of recycled materials?

You cannot. A human heart is made from organs that are developed during the growth process while the embryo is being developed in the mothers womb. A heart is an organ and organs cannot be made from anything.

How is the human body organized?

The human body is made of organs. Certain organs work together to form systems. We each have a respiratory and a Circulatory system, Digestive system and Excretory System.

Can human organs be sold?

Human organs can not be sold legally in the United States.

Are there 78 organs in the human body?


What is the human body's biggest organs?

the largest organs in the human body is the skin.

What is human body is made up of?

Chemicals, cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems.

What is the relationship between cells tissues organs and organ systems?

Organ systems (like human beings) are made of organs, which perform specific functions. Organs are made of tissues, some of which are unique to each organ. Each type of tissue is made of cells.

Compare sheep organs with human organs?

Sheep organs and human organs are actually not that different from each other. They both have the same functions for the animal.

What are the Creative Organs of the Human Body?

There are a few organs in the human body that could be considered creative organs. The brain is one example.

How many organs do you have?

There are 78 organs in the human body.

Can one buy organs in Canada?

Musical organs YES, Human organs NO

What are the five organs in the human body?

There are far more than five organs in the human body.

How many vestigial organs are there in the human body totally?

there are 90 vestigial organs in human body

What is is the difference between cat and human organs?

Differences in cat and human organs include a cat's organs being much smaller than human organs, a cat spleen is flat while a human spleen is oval, the cat's pancreas is upside down compared to that of a human, and cats do not have an appendix.

Are tissues made of organs?

Other way around. Organs are made up of tissues.tissues are made of cells; organs are made of tissues and organ systems are made of organs

What are the excretory organs in human beings?

The excretory organs in human beings are lungs, liver, skin and kigneys.