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Here are some idioms about writing:

  • Nothing to write home about
  • Don't forget to write!
  • to write up something
  • the write up on someone
  • writing someone/something off
  • write in on something
  • write against something
  • write back to someone
  • write something up
  • write away
  • write off for something
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Q: What are idioms related to writing?
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What is the history of idioms?

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What is the effect of using idioms in literature?

Idioms add color and flavor to writing. They provide more vivid images for the reader.

Where might you see idioms written?

Idioms are everywhere. If you want a list of them, click the related question below.

How does using idioms make your writing sound more interesting?

Idioms are vivid phrases that make your writing more interesting and imaginative. You create more vivid mental images for your readers.

What is conversational writing?

Conversational writing is a less formal form of writing and would be rife with idioms regardless of what language it is written in.

How do authors use idioms?

Authors use idioms the same way everybody else does -- by peppering their speech (writing) with colorful phrases!

Why are idioms used in writing?

Real people use idioms and slang, so writers use them to make their characters more believable.

What are some spanish idioms related to health?


What are idioms related to human body?

an eye-opener

When can you use idioms?

You can use idioms any time you are writing informally. Informal writing includes such things as letters or emails to friends, works of fiction, blogs, and so forth. Formal writing would include academic work such as a master's thesis, legal documents, technical writing. If you are writing the instruction manual for a machine, idioms are probably not a good idea. Use your judgment, in any event. If you are writing for an audience which you believe has an understanding of idioms and which would appreciate the informality or color which they would add to your writing, then go ahead. I seldom use idioms when answering questions on this site. People want straight forward answers, nothing overly fancy.

What are some contemporary idioms?

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What are some American idioms?

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