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What are three important events in the history of prophet mohammed that occured in Ramadan?

what are three important events in the history of the prophet Muhammad that occurred in the month of Ramadan

Important events in history that recently occurred in Romania?

1989: change from communism to capitalism.

Why is chronology important in terms of historical events?

Chronology is the arrangement of events in order of time. Therefore, chronology is important in history helping to understand which events occurred first.

Important world history events in 1975?

Some important world events that occurred in 1975 were that South Vietnam was captured by communists and Francisco Franco died. Another event that occurred in 1975 was that Pol Pot took over the country of Cambodia.

What important events occurred in New York?

There were many important events that occurred in New York through the years. 9-11 was a very important national crisis.

5 important events in colonial history?

What are 5 important events in colonial history

What is more important in history-events persons or dates?

anything is important in history events

What are important historical events that occurred in Tennessee?

davy crockett was born in TN was one of the important events

Why is it important to understand history?

History helps people to understand various valuable lessons from events that occurred in the past. For example, learning about the holocaust and its effects will help people understand why such events should never occur again.

Major events that occurred in the peloponnesian war?

some important events of the Peloponnesian War

What important events occurred in Ancient Rome history?

that is SUCH a vague question. Do you mean rome in general? the republic? the empire? do you want war? politics? culture?

What important events happend in 2005?

Check out the related link to find out events the occurred in 2005.

What important events occurred during 2009?

See related link. Other people may not view the same events as important.

Important international events that happened in 1996?

Check out the related link to find out events that occurred in 1996.

What are interesting events that happened in history?

The Civil War happened near Springfield.

What important events happened in history January 25 1968?

important events that happend on January 25

Who was nastrodamus?

Nastrodamus is believed to have foretold important events that have occurred and will occur in the future.

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