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What are ions?

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Ions are electrically charged particles. They form when an atom contains an unequal number of protons in the nucleus and electrons in the electron cloud. Of course, there should be neutrons in the nucleus too but that makes no difference since neutrons are neither -1e or +1e but are electrically neutral.Since protons are positively charged and electrons are negatively charged, if there are more electrons than protons, the atom or molecule will be negatively charged. This is called an anion.Conversely, if there are more protons than electrons, the atom or molecule will be positively charged. This is called a cation. GOOD LUCK.

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What are some examples of compound ions?

examples include: hydroxide ions carbonate ions nitrate ions Sulphate ions Hydrogen Carbonate ions

What is the charge of ions and positive ions?

Ions have a non-zero charge.Positive ions have a positive charge. Negative ions have a negative charge.

How do hydroxyl ions and hydronium ions affect pH?

As the concentration of hydronium ions (H+ ions) increases or as the concentration of hydroxyl ions (OH- ions) decreases, the pH of the solution decreases

How reliable are Saturn Ions?

how reliavle are Saturn ions how reliavle are Saturn ions how reliavle are Saturn ions

How chromate ions are converted into dichromate ions?

In an acidic solution chromate ions are converted into dichromate ions.

What are the spectator ions?

Spectator ions are ions that do not part in a chemical reaction.

What is the differences between singlevalent multivalent and polyatomic ions?

Binary ions are ions that have one charge Multivalent ions have more than one charge polyatomic ions are ions with a covalent bond

What bacteria convert ammonia ions to nitrate ions?

Ammonium ions

What are names of ions?

Cations -- which are positive ions -- and anions, which are negative ions.

Ions in a solution that do not react with other ions are called?

spectator ions

What do you call positive ions and negative ions?

Positive ions are called - Cations Negative ions are called - Anions

Does a acid produce oh-ions?

acid produces H+ ions base produces OH- ions

Do positive ions form faster than negative ions?

yes positive ions are faster then negative ions

How is the concentration of hydronium ions and hydroxide ions related to pH?

The pH of a solution is related directly to its concentrations of hydronium ions(H3O^+) and hydroxide ions(OH-). Acidic solutions have more hydronium ions than hydroxide ions. Neutral solutions have equal numbers of the 2 ions. Basic solutions have more hydroxide ions than hydronium ions.

What solution has a greater number of hydrogen ions than hydroxide ions?

An acidic solution has a greater number of hydrogen ions than hydroxide ions. However, technically they are hydronium ions (H3O+), not hydrogen ions.

What types of ions are presented in salt?

In a slat positive ions and negative ions. In common salt, sodium chloride, sodium ions, Na+ and chloride ions Cl-

What ions are formed when NaOH and water?

These ions are Na+ and OH-.

How do you find the ions?

Ions exist in water solutions of ionic compouds. Cations are positive ions and anions are negative ions.

Which ions are polyatomic ions?

For example no3 or co3 are all polyatomic ions

How are hydrogen ions and hydronium ions and hydroxide ions produced when water self-ionizes?

Water is also unique in that it is both an acid (with H+ ions) and a lye (with OH- ions). It is thus both acidic and basic (alkaline) at the same time, causing it to be strictly neutral as the number of H+ ions equals that of the OH- ions. Because of its strong cohesion, only few water molecules dissociate (split) in their constituent ions: hydrogen ions (H+) and hydroxyl ions (OH-). Chemists would insist that H+ ions are really H3O+ ions or hydronium ions.

What do acidic ions do when dissolved in water?

Acidic ions generally mean H+ ions. These are produced by acids in water. These ions get combined with water to form hydronium or H3O+ ions.

How many ions are in calcium hydroxide?

There are two types of ions in this compound, calcium ions and hydroxyl ions. The number of ions present in a sample can be calculated if the mass of the sample is known.

What's the direction sodium ions are pumped?

Sodium ions and potassium ions are pumped in opposite directions. Sodium ions are pumped out of the cell and potassium ions are pumped into the cell.

Why are ions not stable?

Ions are stable.

What is a base that dissociates entirely into metal ions and hydroxide ions?

Strong bases dissociate entirely into metal ions and hydroxide ions.