What are king minos's powers?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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King Minos didn't have powers. He was mortal.

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Q: What are king minos's powers?
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What are king midas's powers?

King Midas didn't have any powers!

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When did the constitution frame the limit to the powers of the king?

The constitution does NOT address a king so no powers are given. The men who fought the Revolutionary war fought to rid themselves of a king.

What unusual powers did Egyptians believe their king had?

The Egyptions believed that their kings were gods and had magicail powers

What powers does the king of the UK have?

The King does not have many rights or powers in the United Kingdom, when it comes to legal issues. However, they do have many rights when it comes to giving permission.

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They had powers over thegd

Who was most likely to threaten the kings powers?

the person that wanted to be king who almost threatened the king.

How did King Midas get his powers?

King Midas power was to turn anything into gold that he touched.

What did the magna carta do to the power of the king?

It limited the monarch's powers, saying that the king is not above the law, that the king is subject to the law.

Served in the Senate and eventually took on the powers of the king?

You're thinking of Julius Caesar. He served in the senate and during his dictatorships, especially the last one, he had all the powers of a king.

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He's king of the ocean he has water powers