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Kittens are young cats, of the felinepersuasion.

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What is kittens house called as?

Kittens house is called as what in it to grow in for little kittens sake.

What is a whole bunch of kittens called?

there called kittens

Are kittens called kits?

no they are just called kittens

A group of kittens?

A group of kittens is called a kindle.

What are baby kittens called?

they are babies so they are kittens

What is the name of the bobcat's offspring?

Bobcat offspring are called Kittens.

A cat having a litter of kittens is an example of what?

litter of kittens called

I know baby cats and rabbits are called kittens but what other animal infants are called kittens?


What do cat kids called as?

They are called kittens.

Do otters have kittens?

Otters young are often called cubs, kits (Kittens) or pups.

What are babie rabbits called?


What are baby ocelots called?


What is a newborn cat called?


What is a babby bunny called?


What is it called when a cat has kittens?


Are baby rabbits called kittens?

First answer: No Second answer: Actually, yes, baby rabbits and young rabbits are called "kittens" or "kits."

What are rat babys called?

Rat babies are called kittens, but I call them ratlings, or ratlets - kittens seems a bit of a silly choice!

What is it called when a mother feeds her kittens?

When a mother cat feeds it's kittens, the process is called, "nursing". A mother will nurse her kittens until they have the proper nourishment and are old enough to feed themselves.

Can a lion have kittens?

Yes, however they are usually called cubs and not kittens. Kittens usually refers to domestic cats.

How do you flee kittens?

You'll be called a sissy for fleeing kittens! They can't exactly give chase!

Why don't catfish have kittens?

Catfish do have children, but they are not called kittens. The catfish got its name by the whiskers it.

What is the name of a mother nursing kittens?

Mother cats that are nursing or expecting kittens are called queens.

What are little cats called?

Baby cats are called Kittens

What are little ones of rabbits called?

They are called kits or kittens

What are babies cats called?

Baby cats are called kittens.

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