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Lavender buds are the unopened flower buds of the lavender plant. They are most commonly dried and used for their fragrance, but they can also be used as flavoring in foods.

  • English lavender is the sweetest variety and its floral flavor is particularly suited for baked goods
  • Province lavender (a hybrid, known as lavandin) is also used in baking

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Lavender is used in baked foods, there is lavender sugar and it is used as an addition to herbal tea. For most cooking purposes, dried buds are used

Yes. Lavender/chamomile tea is sometimes used before bed to calm a person toward sleep. When making tea with lavender buds, be sure you buy cooking quality... fragrance quality (used in potpourri) can contain chemicals you should not ingest.

Lavender is a perennial plant. The buds can be in cooking, For example, it is a common herb in Herbs de Provance. It can also be used to flavor sugar for baking (cookies is common) or lemonade.

apical buds lateral buds dormant buds

It has a Hebrew name which is Ezovion, but is mostly called Lavender (pronounced Lavender and not Lavender as in English).

Lavender can be used to repel ants. They do not like the smell of it. You can use dried lavender, lavender oil or lavender plants around the home.

Her house smelt of lavender.There is some lavender growing in the fields.

Also called true lavender or fine lavender

Verbs are not describing words. Adjectives describe nouns; lavender is a noun. Some adjective to describe the noun lavender are:fragrantfreshpurpledeadelegantpaleLavender is also an adjective; adverbs are the words that describe an adjective:too lavendervery lavenderpleasingly lavenderslightly lavender

lavender honey is the honey which is taken from lavender plants by bees.......

lavender in Filipino: lila

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yes,lavender is vascular

There are 15 to 16 cups of lavender in a pound of lavender.

Red + blue + white = lavender. Purple + white = LAVENDER

Lavender Essential Oil in usaPure Lavender Oils - Get the best lavender essential oil for your skincare. We provide pure lavender oil in the USA with affordable price.

Lavender has 39 species in the genus Lavandula. The common Lavender is Lavandula augustifolia

Yes, Lavender oil is extracted from the Lavendula (Lavender) plant and is a natural essence

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The different taste buds are the cellulite taste buds, the cobolosal taste buds and the pencil shavings taste buds . I hope my answers help you in future.

Lavanda is lavender in Spanish.

Lavender is a light shade of purple

Lavender is a pale blue color.

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