What are learning barriers?

Updated: 11/10/2022
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Learning barriers can be internal or external, physical or psychological/emotional. A few off the top of my head could be:

  • Environmental factors
    • no AC in a hot climate/no heat in a cold climate
    • inclement weather (blizzards, monsoons, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes)
    • pollution (i.e. - closed school building for Mercury or asbestos clean up)
  • Structural factors
    • no school building/facilities
    • damaged building/facilities
    • substandard building/facilites
    • inadequate building facilities
  • Political factors
    • war
    • domestic unrest
    • crime
    • insufficient funding
  • Personal factors
    • learning difficulties
    • emotional disorders
    • personality disorders
    • mental health issues
    • inadequate teacher training
    • insufficient teacher/school accountability
    • helicopter parents
    • uninvolved parents
    • insufficient support of educators by the district
    • insufficient (not enough) educators
    • high classroom census
    • community conflicts (gangs, crime, general disruption)
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Q: What are learning barriers?
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