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leprechauns carry two pouches

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The leprechaun mischievously stole all my gold.

most of the time you can attract a leprechaun with gold, but if you really want to get a leprechaun going, you can add four leaved clovers.

A leprechaun is a tiny man, ( sort of like an elf), that wear green all the time, usually has a beard and carries a pot of gold. Legend says if you catch a leprechaun you get a pot of gold.

by looking for the leprechaun and hoping u get all 6 different colors

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This is just something fiction.Sorry to disappoint all of you believers out there but there is in fact no leprechaun at the end of the rainbow, and there is no pot of gold either!

It depends on the Leprechaun.

Ireland did invent the leprechaun

Leprechaun is the Gaelic term, it means 'one shoe maker'.

What is a Leprechaun- The answer Is Irish Fairy!

Leprechaun is Gaelic for Shoemaker

No. Every man is a man, every leprechaun is a leprechaun, and every Justin Bieber is a girl.

Lol, ok so leprechaun, eh? Leap, ran, run, can, help, this is all i could come up with, but it was fun.

u get leprechaun on st Patrick's day

The movie is called 'The Leprechaun'.

Killing a Leprechaun will undo whatever evil magic the offending leprechaun has afflicted upon you or your loved ones. There is a time limit to reverse the spell so act quickly. Rember the only way to kill a Leprechaun is to stab its brain(which is located in the foot, may be left or right, Stab both!) This is the only reason to kill a leprechaun. You should never steal a Leprechauns gold or booze! Get your own!

leprechaun armour stores obviously. Step 1: Skin Leprechaun Step 2: Cure Leprechaun skin Step 3: Fashion Leprechaun Leather to specifications (If this question is in reference to Adventure quest, the Leprechaun Armour is a reward to a quest given by the woodland faeries where one needs to locate a pot of gold.)

wait for it to rain and be sunny at the same time and then go to the end of the rainbow

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