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What are life science physical science and earth science?


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  • Life science studies living organisms.
  • Physical science studies matter and energy
  • Earth science studies the Earth, such as geology, geophysics and ecology. d
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Hydrology is a branch of earth science. To make a comparison, consider that chemistry is a physical science, and biology is a life science.

Earth science is usually thought to be physical science because of all the animals and plants

Physical Science.... Physics- Root: Physical Physics- Branch of science PHYSICAL SCIENCE

A physical science as thermal properties are physical properties.

It is a branch of earth science studying volcanoes.

Earth science, life science, and physical science

Life Science, Earth Science and Physical Science

Earth science focuses primarily on physical processes, but some aspects of earth science do address the life sciences as well (e.g. the history of life, fossils, climate change, etc.).

its actually physical science and life science and earth science and chemistry and boilagy well chemistry is physical science and boilagy is lifee science im sory about that but i still don't know what is earth science

physical,earth and life

The 3 branches of science are Physical, Earth and Life Science. Physical Science is about the study of non-living systems, Earth Science is about scientific terms related to planet Earth and Life science is about the study of living things.

physical because it has been made so it is not earth and it isn't really a life science

Physical science, Earth science, and life science.

earth science,life science and physical science

niether, it is a science all its own

Cytology, the study of cells, is a biological, or life, science.

It is going to be a life science field (like Biology) with some physical science (chemistry) to learn about medications

yes mold is life science its not physical because it has nothing to do with people and its not earth science because it has nothing to do with the earth

it's earth science. cause geology is the study of the earth's surface while life science is biology

Physical Science Life Science Earth&Space Science

Life science is the study of ecology or the study of plant/animal/earth life. Physical science is the study of chemicals and their reactions and states of matter.


Life, earth and space science and physical science

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