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Light conversion kits are packs which allow you to change your car lights from regular standard lights to say xenon lights. This will also apply for motorbikes if you want to convert your lights.

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Q: What are light conversion kits?
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What is the usefulness of propane conversion kits?

Propane and LPG conversion kits can convert your gasoline vehicle into a bi-fuel Beware of purchasing kits that do not meet EPA regulations for on-road use.

What companies offer van conversion kits?

The companies that offer van conversion kits are: Convert Your Van LTD, CamperVanLife, NorthWestCamperVanConversions, Pathfinder-Vans, and Hoosiervan.

Are 22 conversion kits for Glock pistols legal in NY?

The conversion kit is not a firearm.

Best bike frame design for an electric bike conversion?

The electric bike conversion kits from convert any bicycle into an electric bike. The kits are easy to install.

How to convert propane engine to a gasoline engine?

To convert propane engine to a gasoline engine, you will have to buy the conversion kits. The conversion kits usually come along with the instructional booklets.

Does Sig Sauer P220 have 9mm conversion kits?

AFAIK, no.

From which retailers can propane gas conversion kits be obtained?

Propane gas conversion kits can be obtained from Nash Fuels and Duda Diesel. They can also be obtained from specialty stores that specialize in propane tanks and parts for vehicles.

Which regulatory bodies must certify CNG conversion kits?

Just depends on age of the vehicle. EPA can certify some, but most conversion are not EPA certified. But the EPA will tell you that ONLY their kits can be used. I learned a lot from SkyCNG.

What stores sell lp conversion kits?

You could buy lp conversion kits at most hardware stores. Hardware stores can include Ace Hardware or Sears. Also, you could buy them at any store that has a Vehicle Department.

Can you put any springs in an air suspension?

yes they sell conversion kits

Is there a conversion kit to make a Glock a rifle?

There are carbine conversion kits which use the lower receiver of the Glock pistol, and mate it to a carbine upper, yes.

How do you modify an airsoft m14 into a m1 grand?

You can not, there are no conversion kits from an m14 model to an M1

How is strutmasters converion kit for 96 deville?

You should check out the Cadillac Deville suspension conversion kits at If you can do brakes you can install their conversion kits yourself.

What exactly are track lighting kits?

Track lighting kits are kits that contain the lights, light fixtures and all other parts that are needed to complete a track light. A track light is multiple lights that are connected and very convenient to use in kitchens or bathrooms.

Are there good kits for van conversion?

Yes there is, many kits although will take alot of work and determination to do by yourself. You would beable to take it to a shop such as autozone and have them do it if you'd like.

How you modify your bike?

Modifying your bike is very simple, for speed you may add a converision kit to you bike which can go up to 20mph.Battery kits are included with the conversion kits. Go green!

Where can I find out about V8 conversion kits that are available for any vehicle?

There are several V8 conversions that can be done,there is no one place to learn about them all. You can read about a Mazda Miata conversion at

Can you change auto hubs to manual 89 bronco 2?

yes you can . they make several conversion kits

What is the penalty for installing non-certified CNG conversion kits?

The EPA considers the installation of non-certified CNG conversion kits a federal violation, specifically "tampering with a federally approved emission control system," which is punishable by a financial penalty of more than $5,000 US Dollars (USD) daily

Is there a disk brake conversion kit for 97 wranglers?

Yes, there is a disk brake conversion kit for the 97 wranglers. You can order the conversion kits online from the Acme website or order them through a dealership or local auto parts store.

Where online can one purchase tooth whitening light kits?

Online retailers like Amazon and Walgreens carry tooth whitening light kits that are available for purchase. There are also websites like Soap, Drugstore, Sephora, and Overstock that carry these lighting kits.

Are Flex-fuel conversion kits satisfactory?

Most flex fuel kits will operate properly. However, it should be noted that that only the most modern engines of are capable of running efficiently on a variety of fuels.

Which companies make bed conversion kits?

Assuming that you mean converting a crib to a toddler bed, you have several options. You can seek information from how to websites to create your own conversion or you can usually ask a furniture store representative to direct you to the type of conversion you need.

What year did Chevrolet start producing conversion vans?

The earliest conversion vans were during the 70's. They are kits that you send the van to a third party manufacturer to make your van over for a specific purpose such as travelling. Chevy does not actually make conversion vans.

How much will HID Xenon lights conversion kits with H7 bulbs cost online in UK?

Well it depends. It may cost you around ยฃ89 through a website I last visited for purchasing Xenon HID kits: