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What are little white bumps on your lip?

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Could be cold sores, canker sores or blisters.

...but its probably, (hopefully!), Fordyce's condition, which affects 50-90% of men. And which is a gigantic range for an estimate! (a bit graphic, in a medical sense.)

2008-11-17 09:00:25
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If you have little white bumps on the inside of your lower lip and it causes lots of pain how do you get rid of them?

Consult a physician.

What is a Cluster of white bumps on lip?


What can cause white bumps on the inside of lip?

It could be oral herpes.

What causes small white bumps on the surface of the bottom lip?

hi i have a white spot on the outer side of my lower lip. it is there all the time it has'ant gone away for months can you give me an answer please?

Are bumps above the lip normal?


Do little red bumps on the back of your throat mean you have strep?

Strep is usually white bumps, but could be something else. If the bumps persist, see your doctor.

What are the bumps on your lip?

The bumps on your lip could symptoms to various medical conditions. This might be granules or Fordyce spots but you would need a doctor to confirm what they are.

What could be clusters of little white bumps on all corners of mouth be?


Can you get little bumps from a yeast infection?

If you mean bumps in your vagina, not likely but if you mean that your discharges is in form of bumps, probably white and cheese-like then that is one of the few symptoms of yeast infection.

What does it mean to have tiny bumps on your lip?

probably cold sore?

What would cause bumps on your neck after a massage?

If they are little bumps, perhaps you have an allergy to the oils/scents used to massage you. Also the bumps could be white-heads caused by the oil clogging your pores.

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You have these little white bumps on the inside of your bottom lip your dentist told you these are normal and that everyone has them However you got them or at least noticed them all at once Is there?

It's probably a mucocele - a harmless cyst that is very common in young adults and children. i actually have a small one on the inside of my lower lip right now... : )

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What are tiny bumps on your lip that do not hurt and dry your lip but do not turn colors?

that is called aids on your lip! hahahhahahahahaha Haha so Congrats! You dont have HIV but Full Blown AIDS!

Your tongue has little bumps on the top close to the throat and your tongue is white with a distinct red stripe starting from the bumps coming halfway down your tonguewhat is this?

probably nothing, brush your tongue.

What causes small white hard bumps on face Especially in senior citizens?

Tiny white bumps on the face can be a condition called milia. These bumps can appear at age. There are harmless.

Your cat has a cluster of little bumps under both armpits what could it be?

The cluster of little bumps under both your cat's armpits could be a heat rash. A little antibacterial cream might heal the bumps.

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White bumps in throat?


Can you get white bumps from masturabating with no lotion?


What are these white bumps on my genitals?


Cluster of white bumps on eyelid what is it?

A cluster of white bumps on the eyelid could be warts. This may be related to HPV or another virus.