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The Arctic and North Atlantic oceans are two factors which affect the climate in European Europe. A climate controller for Europe is the jet streams.

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Q: What are major influences on the region's climate of russia?
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Where in Russia is the fertile triangle located?

The fertile triangle is located in southern Russia, encompassing the regions of Stavropol, Krasnodar, and Rostov. It is known for its rich soil and favorable climate, making it a major agricultural region in Russia.

What are five major climate regions in the world?

The five major climate regions in the world are tropical, dry, temperate, continental, and polar. These regions are characterized by their temperature, precipitation, and general weather patterns. Each region experiences distinct climatic conditions based on its location relative to the equator and other geographic factors.

What are five major tropical regions?

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What mayor aspect of ga climate influences business and industry to move into the state?

what major aspect of Georgia's' climate influences business and industry to move into the state

What are the major land regions of Russia?

The major land regions are the North European Plains, West Siberian Plain, Central Siberian Plateau, and the East Siberian Uplands.

What are the 5 major climate regions of Canada?

The five major climate regions of Canada are the Arctic, Subarctic, Marine West Coast, Prairie, and Boreal forest. Each region has distinct characteristics in terms of temperature, precipitation, and vegetation, resulting in diverse climates across the country.

What are the five major climate regions in California?

Temperate, Mediterranean

What are two major climate regions of south America?

Dry Climate zones and Mid-latitude climate zones.

The main climate of central russia is?

Russia Is Large, so the Atmosphere varies depending on your location. However, most of Russia is a Continental Climate. Continental Climate = A dryish climate with Hot Summers and Cold Winters.

What are the two major vegetation region in Russia?

Climate & Agriculture

What types of vegetation grows in the earths major climate regions?

tundra and ice

Is Europe's major farming regions are in the north or the south?

South, more suitable climate.