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  • Baby Horse: Foal
  • Young Male Horse: Colt
  • Young Female Horse: Filly
  • Adult Male Horse: Stallion (if intact) or Gelding(if castrated)
  • Adult Female Horse: Mare or Dam (if she has had foals)

Note: There are differences (between countries) regarding the age when a colt or filly becomes an adult these range from between 2 to 5 years.

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A young female horse is called a filly and a male horse is called a colt. All young horses can be referred to as foals and can be male or female.

A baby horse is actually called a foal, male or female. Ponies and horses are not the same. A baby horse is not always a pony. Ponies are specific breeds of horses. Young male horses are called colts and young female horses are called fillies.

a young female hore is called a filly and a young male horse is called a colt

A young horse can be called a foal if the gender is not known, a filly if it is female and a colt if it is a male.

An adult female is called a mare. An adult castrated male is called a gelding. An adult male that is uncastrated is a stallion. A young horse male or female is called a foal. A young female (under 2) is a filly. A young male is a colt. There are also names for young horses as they grow. A foal that still nurses from the mother is a suckling. A foal that no longer nurses is a weanling. At his/her first birthday it's a yearling.

Male horses that have not been castrated are called stallions or studs. Male horses that have been castrated are called geldings. Female horses are called mares. Baby horses are called foals. A female foal is called a filly and a male foal is called a colt.

Kitten, same as the young male cat.

A male and female crocodile is called a bull. A young crocodile is called a hatchling.

A young donkey is call a foal, regardless of gender - same as with horses. Specifically, a young male donkey is a colt and a young female donkey is a filly. An adult male is a jack and an adult female is a jenny.

Female horses are called mares. Male horses are called stallions. A horse who has been neutered is called a gelding. Baby horses are called fillies if they are female, and colts if they are male.

A baby horse (gender-neutral) is called a foal. It is called a yearling after its first birthday. A young female is called a filly while a young male is called a colt. Horses are considered mature at 3-5 years of age and at that point are called a mare (female) and a stallion (male) or gelding (castrated male).

A young zebra is called a foal, this is a gender neutral term. If it is a female it is a filly, if it is a male it is a colt.A young zebra is called a foal, this is a gender neutral term. If it is a female it is a filly, if it is a male it is a colt.Read more: general name for a baby zebra is a foal, just as with horses. A female is called a filly, and the male is called a colt.

A young male chicken is a cockerel. A young female chicken is a pullet.

Male horses are stallions, neutered adult males are geldings, and baby male horses are colts.

A male goat is called a buck a YOUNG male goat is called a buckling. A female goat is called a doe a female goat that has not been freshened (has never had baby goats) is called a doeling.

Foals.Female foals are called fillies.Male foals are called colts.Foals is just a general term for a group of young horses, typically under the age of 4. Any older and they would be called Mares (for grown female horses), Stallions (for grown, un-gelded male horses) or Geldings (for gelded male horses.) Or if their was a group of horses with a stallion as leader, mares, and the occasional foals, it would be called a herd.Gelded = Neutered

Female horses are called a mare. Male horses are stallions.

Mare - female horse Stallion - male horse which can breed Gelding - male horse that cannot breed Colt - young male Filly - young female

A young male bull is called a bull calf but once they get casterated ( there balls cut out) they then are called steers. A young female cow is called a heifer.

Type your answer here... male goat is called a buck, female is called a doe or possibly a nanny .

A baby pony of either sex is called a foal. A male foal is called a colt and a female foal is called a filly. These are the same terms used to describe young horses,

Yes, like horses, a male Zebra is called a Stallion and a Female is called a Mare.

Bull is the male. Cow is the female. Calf is the young.

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