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Q: What are maradona's physical descriptions?
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Who are Diegos parents?

who are Diego maradonas family

What is maradonas age?

50 in October 2010.

Who are Diego maradona parents?

who are Diego maradonas family

What are some physical descriptions of Thomas Paine?

thai here

The author's physical descriptions of characters help the reader?

The physical descriptions helps the reader visualize the characters. This also applies to backgrounds, sceneries, atmospheres, items and anything else in a novel.

What are some physical descriptions for Jupiter?

It has 60 moon's, has rings,and is gaseous

Is quieter a character trait?

No, only descriptions of the personality or physical appearance.

What are some physical descriptions of Venus?

Venus is similar in size to Earth, with a diameter of about 12,100 km. It has a thick atmosphere composed mainly of carbon dioxide, with clouds of sulfuric acid that completely obscure the planet's surface from view. Venus experiences extreme temperatures, with surface temperatures reaching up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit (475 degrees Celsius).

What has the author Ann Kirton written?

Ann Kirton has written: 'The relative effectiveness of attributional descriptions and physical feature descriptions in the recognition of faces'

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i dont know im trying to figure it out

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It's very small.

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the ridge and valley is considered as an mountain range