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Members of Islam are called Muslims

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The believers of Islam are called Muslims.

When a Christian reverts to Islam they are called Muslims ;)

Islam holy land is called medina

Warriors for Islam are usually called Mujahedin (مجاهدين).

Malcolm X was an African-American who was a member of the Nation of Islam and called for a social revolution. It is worth noting that the members of the Nation of Islam Organization are not considered Muslims nor do they belong to mainstream Islam. Those members don't believe in the Quran, they call for racism, consider blacks to be superior to whites, and consider the leader of the NOI to be a prophet. These beliefs are against Islam's main teachings. No proper Muslim leader has called for social revolution.

It has been written, 22,000 members. That number seems low to me.

No the sacred book of Islam is called The Holy Qur'an

Islam is not a sect. It is a religion, which contains sects.Members of the Islamic religion are called Muslim. The major Muslim sects are Khawarij, Shi'a and Sunni. Each of those sects have sects.

The followers of Islam are called Muslims.

the five pillars of islam

The study of Islam is most commonly called "Islamic Studies".

the leeder of islam is called ALLAH.he is the one who creat this world

Christianity is first, with Islam second.

People who follow the religion of Islam are called MUSLIMS.

There is nothing in Islam called Symbol.

The priest call in Islam is mesab

The believers of Islam are called Muslims

There no wording called Islams. The religion is called Islam and the followers of the Islam religion are called Muslims.

The religion is called Islam. The people are called Muslims. Many people on Earth believe in Islam, and are Muslims.

islam is located in the middle east. also islam is mostly desert

Nothing is called Islam republic. Islam is a religion. Refer to queation below.

Belivers in Islam are called Muslims. If you want to know more about the religion of Islam, please watch Peace TV on sky 820. This channels will answer all your questions about Islam.

It is called the Quran.

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