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Micro-organisms are tiny living things. They are not able to be seen with the naked eye and are only visible under a microscope.

There are five different types of micro-organisms:

  • bacteria
  • fungi
  • viruses
  • algae
  • protozoa
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Are plankton beneficial microorganisms or harmful microorganisms?

They are beneficial microorganisms.

What is the definition of microorganisms?

define microorganisms

How can disease cause microorganisms?

Microorganisms can cause disease, but disease doesn't cause microorganisms.

What is the biggest microorganisms?

the biggest microorganisms is protozoa

Can microorganisms grow?

no, microorganisms can't grow!

Are there microorganisms in salt?

Salt kill microorganisms.

What is the harm of microorganisms?

10 harms of microorganisms

Why is foodborne microorganisms differ from food poisoning microorganisms?

Microorganisms that cause foodborne illness arefoodborne. Not all microorganisms found in food will cause illness.

How can microorganisms be controlled?

Microorganisms can be controlled by killing them and inhibiting their growth. This is to control the growth of microorganisms and their transmission of diseases.

What are advantages and disadvantages of microorganisms?

wha are the disadvantages of microorganisms

What is the study of microorganisms?

The study of Microorganisms is called microbiology.

Are microorganisms your friends?

importance of microorganisms in food and beverages

How do microorganisms travel?

Microorganisms travel on dust clouds

Are there microorganisms in quorn?

yes, there are microorganisms like my foot

Are plankton beneficial microorganisms or harmful microorganisms why?

It is both

What are harmful microorganisms?

Harmful microorganisms are called pathogens.

What do you call microorganisms that cause disease?

pathogenic microorganisms

How do I use microorganisms in a sentence?

There are many microorganisms in sewage.

How are microorganisms helpful to bacteria?

how are microorganisms helpful to fungi

What are the 10 uses and 10 harmful effects of microorganisms in your daily life?

1-Microorganisms helps us in making alchol. 2- Microorganisms helps us in bakery. 3-Microorganisms us in making medicines. 4-Microorganisms us in making curd. 5- Microorganisms fix atmospheric nitrogen ( NO2 ) to the soil. 6- Microorganisms helps us in resarching on diseases. 7- Microorganisms replinsh the soil.

What is the difference between foodborne microorganisms and food poisoning microorganisms?

not all microorganisms found in food will cause illness.

What is the ubiquity of microorganisms?

"ubiquitous" means "found everywhere", so the ubiquity of microorganisms is the concept that microorganisms are found everywhere.

What is meant by the ubiquity of microorganisms?

"ubiquitous" means that something is found everywhere. If microorganisms are ubiquitous, it means microorganisms are everywhere.

Are most microorganisms pathogenic or nonpathogenic?

most microorganisms are not pathogenic

What is largest group of microorganisms?

bacteria is the largest group of microorganisms.