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Q: What are moral values in novel Oliver Twist?
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What is the bad experience in life of Oliver Twist?

The bad experiences in the life of Oliver Twist are detailed thoroughly in the novel Oliver Twist, by Charles Dickens.

Which dickens character was beaten for asking for more gruel?

Oliver Twist is the Dickens character who was beaten for asking for more gruel in the novel "Oliver Twist."

In the novel Oliver Twist By Charles Dikins were did Oliver run away from?

From an undertaker.

In which famous novel does Fagin appear?

Oliver Twist

What novel did dickens write when on his honeymoon?

oliver twist

In which dickens novel do we meet the artful dodger and fagin?

In Oliver Twist.

What year did the film oliver come out?

The film "Oliver!" was released in 1968. It is a musical adaptation of the Charles Dickens novel "Oliver Twist."

Did Charles Dickens who play Oliver Twist?

No, Charles Dickens did not play Oliver Twist. Oliver Twist is a character from Dickens' novel of the same name, but he was portrayed by various actors in stage plays, movies, and TV adaptations of the story.

Which of Dickens' characters asked for more?

Oliver Twist is the character who famously asked for more in Charles Dickens' novel "Oliver Twist." Oliver dares to request more gruel at the workhouse, sparking a series of events that leads to his journey of self-discovery and struggle for a better life.

What boy asked for more in Charles Dickens?

The character who asked for more in Charles Dickens' novel "Oliver Twist" is Oliver Twist himself. Oliver, an orphan living in a workhouse, famously asked for more gruel, leading to his drastic punishment and eventual journey to London.

What did Oliver Twist invent and in what time period?

Oliver Twist did not invent anything, however, the story takes place in the early nineteenth century. The novel was written by Charles Dickens.

Which classic English novel is known in china as foggy city orphan?

Oliver Twist.