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What are most common guidelines to have accounting ethics?

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Ethic in accounting refers to doing only those things you can admit to doing in public. If you wouldn't want your name to be associated with it, then you shouldn't do it because it is likely unethical.

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What are the most common accounting standards?

The most common accounting standards are the ones that one can find in the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), those are a group of accounting standards very common and widely accepted.

What are the two most common specialized fields of accounting in practice?

Managerial Accounting and Financial Accounting

What is the most common approach to the management of ethics?

A written code of ethics and top management support

Proper application of accounting principles is most dependent upon the?

existence of specific guidelines

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What are some common examples of computerized accounting systems?

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Where can the application of accounting software be found?

The most common application of accounting software is in business. Particularly in invoice management, payroll tracking and receivable and payable accounting and general ledgers.

What do I have to do to get an accounting certification?

The most common way to obtain an accounting certification is to get a higher learning degree in accounting. A Bachelor's degree would go a long way in helping with certification.

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Do most companies have concluded that ethics training programs are not worthwhile?

Most companies have concluded that ethics training programs are not worthwhile.

Where do I find a dependable accounting application where it's easy to keep track of my finances?

The most common area to find dependable applications regarding accounting would be the internet. Type in a search for "accounting applications". When selecting a wesite make sure that it is reputable. If the website you select

What is most common type of attest engagement?

A financial statement audit is, by far, the most common type of attest engagement. The overall assertion, made by management, most frequently is that the financial statements follow generally accepted accounting principles.

How would you describe embezzlement?

One of the most common internal criminal activities is the manipulating of accounting records to steal business funds.

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