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It is a middle aged type of castle, with a lookout area on a hill - (the motte) and a small town where everyone lived all inside a big fence with a ditch/moat and a drawbrige ect they were made out of wood - which was later replaced. :D

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Q: What are motte-and-bailey castles?
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What kind of castles were built?

Stone castles, Concentric castles, Motte and Bailey Castles

What were the first kind of castles?

the first kind of castles were moat and bailey castles.

What types of medieval castles were there?

mote and bailey castles and stone keep castles and Concentric Castles

How many diffrent types of castles are there?

there are two different types of castles. one is the royal castles and the private castles.

What types of castles are best?

the best are stone enclosure castles,concentric castles,tower houses, motte and bailey castles, stone castles,fortified manors

Are all castles the same?

No, all castles are different in some way. These are the different types of castles: * Motte and Bailey castles (made out of wood) * Stone keep castles or just stone castles (made out of stone) * Concentric castles (also made out of stone)

Why did they change from motte and bailey to concentric castles?

Because motte and bailey castles were only a tempory castles until the square keep castles and concentric castles were built

What are the difference between medieval castles and today's castles?

There is nothing different between todays castles and medieval time castles. Today's castles were built in medieval times.

What type of castles are there?

motte and bailey, stone keep castles and concentric castles

What castles were siege machines used on?

Motte and Bailey castles and Concentric castles

Why did square keep castles change to concentric castles?

Square keep castles changed to concentric castles because castles got upgraded as we evolved, so did ideas for castles with more defence, space and attack power.

What is the history of the Motte and Bailey Castles Concentric Castles and Stone Keep Castles?

they all did IT.

Which castles were built after the stone castles?

Harry Styles Castles were build to represent how fit he is!

What were Norman castles made of?

This depends on what type of castle your referring to. In the Norman times, there were two different types of castles built. There were Motte and Bailey castles and Stone keep castles (Stone castles). The Motte and Bailey castles were made out of wood and the Stone keep castles were made out of stone (obviously).

What are the differences between stone castles and motte and bailey castles?

stone castles are stone and motte and bailey castles are wood and easy to build

What are the release dates for America's Castles - 1994 Castles on the Bay?

America's Castles - 1994 Castles on the Bay was released on: USA: 1997

What castles did they have in Medieval Times?

Medieval castles.

How tall are castles?

it varies between castles

Does Denmark have castles?

Yes, Denmark has castles.

What came after stone castles?

ConCentric castles

Why were Concentric castles changed?

Concentric castles wern't changed. They were changed fromthe motte and bailey castles.

What were the uses of medieval castles?

Castles were built for defense. The castles were also the king or noble's home.

What do Motte and Bailey Castles Concentric Castles and Stone Castles do?

Motte and Bailey Castles, Concentric Castles and Stone Castles protect you when you are under attack. These type of castles where used by the Normans after they had taken control of England. They built castles all around the Country. The castles got most the English men under control. The few that they hadn't got under control led rebellians to try and destroy one of the Normans' castle. The castles were too powerful and always overpowered the rebellers.

What are the types of Medieval Castles?

There are many types of Medieval castles including concentric castles and motte and bailey castles To view more information on the different types of castles there are click on the related links listed below.

Are there different castles?

Yes, there are many different types of castles. There are motte and bailey castles, concentric castles and stone keep castles. They were built all over England by King William in the 11th and 12th century.