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What is the Macbeth time line?

their is no Macbeth timeline all the tings that happen were part of him as he began to "mature" (use this term lightly") into a villain in the being ducan calls him vailiant cousin in the end macduff calls him bloodier villain it is all apart of his journey and is ambition that causes him to fall hi ( Full Answer )

What is a Line Plot?

A line plot is a graph that indicates the frequency of values along a range of possibilities. These may be numerical or other forms of data. An X is placed for each occurrence of a given value. (This is analogous to a vertical bar graph.) Example: Line plot of cars sold (x for each sold) _ X _ X _ ( Full Answer )

What was the plot that Lady Macbeth devised?

Lady Macbeth came up with a fiendish plot to guarantee the successful murder of King Duncan I [d. August 14, 1040]. She planned to make sure that the two royal guards wouldn't be able to do their job of protecting their sovereign. She decided to incapacitate them by giving them too much of drugged ( Full Answer )

What is the plot in Macbeth?

The plot of Macbeth is that in the effort to stop the predictionsof the three witches he brings it about. His attempt to fight hisown fate sealed it tighter with the death of Duncan starting thedominoes falling.

What is line plot?

A line plot is a graph used to show frequency of data along anumber line. You should use a line plot with less than 25 numbersto compare.

What is similar and different between a line plot and a frequency table?

\n. \n. \nA line plot shows data on a number line with dots or x's to to show frequency.\n. \nA frequency table is made by arranging collected data values in ascending order of magnitude with their corresponding frequencies.\n. \nBoth will show you the absolute frequency of any given value. And ( Full Answer )

Is there going to be a new Eragon movie that follows the plot line better?

There aren't any plans as of yet, but I'm almost certain that properly made films based on the Inheritance Cycle will one day be made; possibly more than 4 films. The Eragon movie was screwed up so badly, the time it'll take to make it again has probably been delayed by several years. It'll take a l ( Full Answer )

Plot Summary of Macbeth?

The plot summary for Macbeth is as follows: Macbeth and Banquo run across a group of witches after having defeated the foes of the king. The witches inform Macbeth that he shall be king and Banquo that his sons shall be kings. After this, Macbeth writes to his wife about the witches' prophecies, a ( Full Answer )

How do you plot a line?

One way is to pick two values of x, and put into the equation to determine the associated y value. Plot these two (x,y) points, then use a straight edge to connect the dots and continue the line beyond. Another way would be to find the slope and the y-intercept, then plot from the point of interc ( Full Answer )

What is the story line of Macbeth?

Macbeth meets some witches who give him some prophecies of his life. One of these comes true and it makes him ambitious to become a King. His wife hears and then manipulates him to kill the King to take his place. Doing this he feels traumatised but he soon hardens, and his wife - who seemed to be t ( Full Answer )

How are Lady Macbeth and Antigone similar?

Antigone and Lady Macbeth are similar in their decisions to challenge the authority of the reigning monarch. Antigone challenges the right of her uncle, Theban King Creon, to issue a decree that contradicts the god-given traditions that guide the Theban journey through life into death. Lady Macbet ( Full Answer )

What is the main plot of Macbeth?

Macbeth, cousin to King Duncan of Scotland and successful military commander, is returning from battle with his buddy Banquo when three witches run into them and predict that he will be king. He writes this to his wife, and when he arrives home with the royal court in tow, she persuades him to murde ( Full Answer )

Was Macbeth or Lady Macbeth more responsible for the plot against Duncan?

Lady Macbeth [b. c. 1015] was more responsible than Macbeth [c. 1014-August 15, 1057] for the plot against their sovereign, King Duncan I [d. August 14, 1040] of Scotland. In Act 1 Scene 7, Macbeth said that he didn't want to go through with the murder. Lady Macbeth countered with a fail-safe plan ( Full Answer )

Whom did Macbeth plot to kill in Act 3?

In Act 3 Scene 1 of the Shakespearean play, Macbeth [c. 1014-August 15, 1057] plotted to kill his friend and former fellow General Banquo . Macbeth had become Thane of Cawdor and then King of Scotland. All was going according to plan, except for the problem of Banquo. The three witches who had pred ( Full Answer )

How did the witches in 'Macbeth' drive the plot?

The witches in 'Macbeth' drove the plot of the play by their predictions . Their predictions gave Macbeth the motive to follow his murderous path to power. The witches called Macbeth thane of Glamis and of Cawdor, and future king. Macbeth already was thane of Glamis. Then he became thane of Cawdo ( Full Answer )

What was the plot of Macbeth?

Information of Macbeth(the main character) Macbeth is the general in the king's army and he is very unlucky.He was a dedicated person but he changes dramatically and becomes evil because of Lady Macbeth's(Macbeth's wife) advice. The plot of the story The story starts when Macbeth and Banquo were ( Full Answer )

What is the plot line in the play Macbeth?

The rise and fall of Macbeth, a tragic hero. He first subdues a traitor in the beginning, hears witches' prophecies which implies that he will become King but his children will not take over his throne. Subsequently, he murders Duncan, as prompted by his wife, and becomes King. However, while Duncan ( Full Answer )

Similarities of merchant of Venice and Macbeth?

Shakespeare allows the audience to construct their own moral responses to both plays, "The Merchant of Venice," and "Macbeth" by using a range of dramatic methods such as aides, dialogs, soliloquy, and tone of voice, juxtaposition of lines, metaphor, similes and imagery. It is a Shakespeare's sk ( Full Answer )

What is the most famous line in Macbeth?

The most famous line in Macbeth is when Lady Macbeth says, "Out out damned spot." She says this line after she persuades Macbeth to kill the king. She feels guilty and imagines that she can't get the blood off of her hands.

What other books or movies have similar plots to Frankenstein?

Mary Shelley started off one of the greatest plot lines of sciencefiction and horror: the Frankenstein Syndrome. In a nutshel, ifyou build a monster it will kill you . This plot device hasbeen used since Ms. Shelley told her "ghost story" in that Swisschalet hundreds of years ago. Some movies and ( Full Answer )

What is the basic plot of Macbeth?

Macbeth, successful general and third in line to the Scottish throne, meets up with some witches who predict that he will become king. Although he has doubts, his wife pushes him to kill the king and frame the first and second heirs. He does become king, but guilt makes him murderously paranoid and ( Full Answer )

How many plot lines for movies are there?

You may be asking the classic question, "How many original stories are there?" The classic answer is "Seven." You can read more about the Seven Basic Plots, below Otherwise a single film has one major plot, and may contain several sub-plots.

How do you find the median of a line plot?

Median means middle so in this case it would mean middle number. If you have a set of numbers like: 12,19,14,100,79 You put it in order by smallest to largest. The set will become: 12,14,19,79,100. The median is 19. If the set was evened like for with only 2 or 4 or 6 numbers like: 57, 51, 98 ( Full Answer )

What are line graphs line plots?

Line Graphs: have lines connecting each graphed data. Line Plots: have Xs for each time the value is repeated.

How are line graphs and line plots alike?

you have to do sex -- God I hate people ^ anyway. a Line plot is like a regular graph format just using Xs to count as each number and a line graph Is almost the same just using lines

What similarities do the deaths of Macbeth and Hamlet have?

They are both killed by swords, although Hamlet is stabbed and Macbeth decapitated. They are also both killed by men seeking revenge for the deaths of loved ones: Laertes for his father and sister, Macduff for his wife and children.

How do you find the mode on a line plot?

The mode is the mathematical term for the value which appears most frequently. Depending which axis (X or Y) you are trying to find the mode of, the correct answer is the number that appears most frequently along any vertical line or horizontal line (respectively)

What does the plot line mean in a movie?

The plot is the same as the usage in a novel- the story line, essentially what happens in the story as it develops. This can take many forms: Comedy, tragedy, war, science-fiction, occult, etc. the plot ties everything together. the plot resolution is how the story essentially ends or concludes- usu ( Full Answer )

What is plot in movie?

It is everything in a movie that encompasses the story includingthe setting, events, and character motives. Although not entirelymutually exclusive from the characters, it is simpler to keep theplot separate from the characters themselves in terms of what partof a movie, book or any other medium goe ( Full Answer )

What is the plot line for the Twilight movie?

Seventeen-year-old Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) has decided to leave sunny Phoenix, Arizona, to spend some time with her father Charlie Swan (Billy Burke), the chief of police in the perpetually cloudy and rainy city of Forks, Washington, on the west coast of the Olympic Peninsula, so that her mothe ( Full Answer )

Is plot and climax similar?

The plot and climax of a story are two separate literary elements, but are very related. The plot of a story are all the events, usually in a specific order, that comprises the narrative. The climax is an element of the plot. It is the point in the plot of the story when the conflict is resolved. Th ( Full Answer )

Who has similar qualities to Macbeth?

The key to doing a project on Macbeth is to consider why this play is a tragedy: what are Macbeth's flaws and how do they contribute to his eventual downfall? Then think of other characters in literature who had similar defects and made similar mistakes. (The character you choose doesn't have to exh ( Full Answer )

What movie has a plot?

Every movie has a plot. If it didn't have a plot it would be a movie scene . Example- the movie spy kids!

How are Macbeth and 'The Lord of the Rings' similar?

JRR Tolkien said that he was quite disappointed with Macbeth , because the Forest never actually moved. So, we see that in his 'The Lord of the Rings', the Fangorn Forest actually marches to battle, with the Ents going to Isengard and the Huorns going to Helm's Deep, and Tolkien's friend, C.S. Lewi ( Full Answer )

What is the plot line of the movie Smiley?

Smiley is movie which was released in 2012. The plot involves an urban legend about an online killer called Smiley who continues to haunt a college student named Ashley.

What is the plot of Shakespeares Macbeth?

Macbeth is a traitor to Scottland in the play of Macbeth. This is pretty much the basis of the play here in Shakespeares words. Macbeth is the main plot character.

What are second witches lines in Macbeth?

"When the hurly-burly's done, when the battle's lost and won" "Upon the heath" "Killing swine" "I'll give thee a wind" "Show me, show me!" "All hail, Macbeth! Hail to thee, Thane of Cawdor!" "Hail!" "Not so happy, yet much happier!" "Thrice and once the hedge-pig whined" "Fillet of a fenny snake in ( Full Answer )

Which historical event influenced the plot of Macbeth?

The reign of Macbeth, king of Scotland, in the eleventh century, was the basis for Shakespeare's play. The totally inaccurate version of King Macbeth's peaceful 17 year reign is due to the account given in Raphael Holinshed's Chronicles, from which Shakespeare took his story.