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The Lion King, originally a musical, is a Disney movie, and now Broadway show, about a young lion, Simba, who grows up and takes his place in the circle of life.

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The Lion King

How big is the tiniest animal in Lion King?

The tiniest animal in The Lion King would most likely be Zazu who would be about 19 to 24 inches tall and weigh less than 1 pound.

Depends on what you mean by "animal." Technically speaking, there is a close-up of ants marching across a tree branch during the first song. If you count them as animals, they would be the smallest.

The Lion King

What types of animals were used in ''The Lion King'' movie?

Lions, Hyenas, Meerkat, Warthogs, elephant, giraffe, birds, parrot, baboon, wildebeest, deer, bugs, hyena, vulture, zebra,

The Lion King

Why wasn't Kopa mentioned in the sequel of The Lion King II Simba's Pride?

Beacause Kopa is not an official movie character as he was not created by Disney and was never intented into the films which is evident from the first film's DVD, from the commentary track. He is a fanfiction character in a profit fanfiction book series, and since Disney has completely ignored those books and the film makers literally denied Kopa's existence in the movies - they apparently didn't like them enough to make them official characters.

The Lion King

How long has Lion King been around?

70 years

The Lion King

When is the Lion King coming out of the vault?

The Lion King will be released from the Disney Vault in autumn 2011; no official date has been announced yet.

The Lion King

Is the lion king based off a book series?

No, it's not. It started off as the film makers' original story out of their own heads. When they started on the movie, they didn't even have any idea what the story would be about except that it would be about lions. Originally its name wasn't even The Lion King but 'The King of the Jungle'. That's why there was numerous drastically different scripts and concepts which were constantly changing and developing.

As the profuction went on, the story became to have elements from William Shakespeare's play Hamlet - the prince of Denmark whose evil uncle took over the kingdom after murdering Hamlet's father while Hamlet was out of country, and in the end Hamlet sees his father's ghost who guides Hamlet and Hamlet returns to claim the throne. Some of The Lion King story origins from Biblical stories such as the story of Moses who was born to royalty but exiled at young age, grows up elsewhere and in the end returns home to save his people from slavery. This is literally evident from the film itself and confirmed in the 'Story Origins' featurette on the Disc 2 of the DVD.

The same year after the movie was released, was published a fanfiction book series called 'The Lion King: Six New Adventures' that is based on the film - those books many fans treat as canon source but in fact they are not. It is only profit fanfiction written by people who did not and do not work at the Walt Disney Company.

The Lion King

Is there a third movie of the Lion King?

yea, sort of. It's THE LION KING 1/2

I've looked for it at stores and at the blockbusters, but havn't found it for a while.

The Lion King

What is the atmosphere in the Lion King?

The atmosphere in The Lion King changes from scene to scene:

  • Cheerful and happy (presentation of Simba, the "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" sequence, when Simba and Nala reunite as adults, when Simba decides to return, the ending sequence)
  • Suspenseful (when the hyenas chase Simba and Nala, the wildebeest stampede, when Simba is dangling off Pride Rock, when Simba confronts and fights Scar)
  • Dramatic (when Simba sees his father's spirit in the clouds, when Nala and Simba argue, when Scar accuses Simba of killing Mufasa before the lionesses)
The Lion King

Is Scar Kovus father?

No. It's said twice in the film and once in a deleted scene found in the special features on the DVD.

The Lion King

Who is the publisher of the Lion King play?

Walt Disney Theatrical Productions would most likely be the publisher of The Lion King stage musical.

The Lion King

What is the tone or mood in The Lion King?

Heart Felt,

The Lion King

Who was gangster disciple 3 kings?

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The Lion King

What is the subject of the movie The Lion King?

Readers digest version:

The story is about a lion named Simba who fights his evil uncle Scar to reclaim the throne that was stolen from his murdered father Mufasa.

Long explanation:

MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!!! The Lion King is Disney's remake of Shakespeare's Hamlet. It tells the tale of a young Lion called Simba, who dreams of when he will one day take over the pride and become King of the "pride lands." His father Mufasa is the current King and along with his Queen Sarabi they lead the pride lands in a time of plenty. But Mufasa has an evil brother named Scar who wants the Kingship for himself. So he allies himself with the hyenas, enemies of the lions, to try and take over. He comes up with a plan to destroy Simba, but Mufasa saves his son and his sons friend Nala just in time. Scar, not to be defeated, then comes up with a better plan to rid himself of both Simba AND Mufasa. He manages to kill Mufasa and convince Simba that it is his fault. He tells Simba that he must run away. Simba, filled with guilt, does what his Uncle asks.

Simba runs to an oasis where he meets Timon the meerkat and Pumba the warthog. They teach him that a life without worries is the only way to go. He grows up in the company of the two oddballs and seems to forsake his roots altogether.

One day, Simba saves Pumba from a lioness who was on the hunt. Only to discover that the lioness is his old friend Nala! Nala informs him of the terrible conditions of his home under the reign of King Scar, she reminds him that he had a responsibility to his pride and that he is the rightful King. Simba, still thinking that he killed his father, refuses to return and tells Nala to mind her own business.

Simba then meets an old monkey who takes him on a journey to speak with the spirit of his father and tells him that he needs to learn from his past, not run from it. Mufasa's spirit scolds Simba for forgetting his roots and refusing his responsibilities. Simba finally comes to terms with what happened and decides to return.

With the help of his friends, he forms a plan to recapture his Kingship. When he reaches the pride lands and confronts scar. Scar tricks him into confessing that he killed his father, which devastates the lionesses, especially Sarabi. But when Scar tries to kill him in the same way his father was killed, he informs Simba that it was he who killed Mufasa. Simba flashes back to the death and realizes that it's true. He then forces Scar to confess to everyone what really happened.

When the truth finally comes out an all out battle ensues between the hyenas and the pride. Scar and Simba fight each other until it looks like Simba is going to kill Scar. Scar begs for his life and Simba grants it, but tells him to leave and never return. Scar attacks again and Simba throws him off a cliff where he is eaten by the angry hyenas.

Simba claims the pride as his own and with Nala at his side, the land returns to a time of peace.

The Lion King

Where do mufasa live in the Lion King?

Mufasa lived in Pride Rock in the Pridelands. But, after he died, his spirit went on to live with the Great Kings of the Past in the stars.

The Lion King

Does simba die in Lion King 2?


The Lion King

Who wrote the script for the Lion King?

Irene Mecchi and Jonathan Roberts and 27 other writers but mostly those two. Credited so at and on the DVD release.

The Lion King

Are there any parallel episodes in the Lion King?

I may not be interpreting "episodes" correctly however it may interest you that the Lion King holds many strong parallels to Shakespeare's "Hamlet".

If you are not familiar with Hamlet yet, I recommend you read the plot summary available on spark notes.


Hamlet King of Denmark: Killed by his brother Claudius

Claudius: Killed his brother and married his widow to become King.

Gertrude: Married Claudius after death of her husband (unaware that it was a murder)

Hamlet the Younger: Broods and withdraws because of grief

The Ghost: Ghost of Hamlet the Elder visits his son to tell him of the betrayal and murder. Only when his murderer is dead will the ghost be at peace and he beseeches Hamlet the Younger to discover the sinister plots that have come to pass.

The Lion King

Mufasa: Killed by his brother Scar

Scar: Killed his brother and is close to Sirabi, the widow of Mufasa

Sirabi: Doesn't know that Scar murdered her husband and is obligated to him as the Alpha Female

Simba: Runs away driven by guilt and grief

Mufasa's Ghost: Tells Simba to "Remember who [he is]" and motivates him to return to pride rock to restore balance

There are more in-depth analysis' available however I hope you found this comparison useful. Best of luck!

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The Lion King

Why has Season 4 of 'Highway to Heaven' not been released on DVD?

It never came out because Seasons 1-3 sold very poorly. Blame it on A&E as many fans are disappointed with that. It is still possible to purchase all five seasons of "Highway To Heaven" on DVD with all 111 uncut episodes- 5 Seasons on 24 DVDS.

The Lion King

Is Nicholas Irons related to Jeremy irons?

Jeremy has 2 sons, though not Nicholas.

The Lion King

Who was Alton Fitzgerald White in the Lion King?

Alton Fitzgerald White is the current Broadway actor for Mufasa in the stage musical of The Lion King.

The Lion King

What is the name of the bad lands in the Lion King movie?

I don't know exactly what you mean by "the bad lands", but I assume the answer is the Elephant Graveyard.

The Lion King

Was Lion King nominated for any oscars?

Four. The Disney animated film won two 1994 Academy Awards: Best Original Song ("Can You Feel the Love Tonight," shared by Sir Elton John and Tim Rice) and Best Original Score (Hans Zimmer). Two other John-Rice compositions were nominated for Best Original Song: "Circle of Life" and "Hakuna Matata."

The Lion King

What color is zazu in lion king?

His body is blue and white and his beak is orange.

The Lion King

Who sings Nala sings in ''The Lion King''?

Laura Williams briefly sings as young Nala while Sally Dworsky sings as adult Nala in The Lion King.

The Lion King
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What does hakuna matata mean in English?

In The Lion King, it states "Hakuna Matata" means "no worries". However, the actual translation to English means "There are no worries".


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