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facts of k 12

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Q: What are negative facts about k 12 in the Philippines?
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What are negative facts about k-12 in the Philippines?

hi there :) k+12 is a long journey for our own country.It requires alot of budget from our government in order to publisized.In our days education seems very hard to achieve.There are lack of facilities that our student needed.

What are the negative effects of k plus 12 in the Philippines?

The negative effects of K Plus 12 program in the Philippines is the impact the additional public grades will have on the private schools. The government is taking a chance by implicating this system because there is no statics to support the program.

Why do we need K 12 in Philippines?


Is it advisable to implement k-12 in Philippines?


Negative 6 over 5 K equals 12?

The answer to negative 6 over 5K equals 12 is k equals -10.

What is k in the problem 25k plus 12 equals negative 13?

k = -1

What are the types of curriculum operating in public school in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, the latest K to 12 curicculumn has been adopted.

What is the effect of k plus 12 program in the Philippines?

i really dont know

What is negative -k plus negative -k if k equals 2?

neg(-k) + neg(-k) = k + k = 2k = 4

What are the disadvantages of having k plus 12 in the Philippines?

It will take more money to pay tuition fees and more time

What does .k12 mean?

Kindergarten to 12 years basic education. K-12 is a designation for primary + secondary education. It is used in the United States, Canada, Philippines and Australia.

How much is the salary of bank teller in the Philippines?

it ranges from 12-18 k per month.. depending on your employer and length of service rendered...