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Emotional StressorsEmotional Stressors are those which produce unpleasant emotions such as anger, hatred, sadness, depression, frustration etc.

New emotional Stressors are fanatic indoctrination and glorification of mean spirit, superficiality and pettiness.

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Q: What are new emotional stressors?
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Can your period be late after sex but not be pregnant?

Yes. Emotional stressors can affect your period.

What do stressors in humans include?

such physical stressors as starvation, being hit by a car, or suffering through severe weather. Additionally, humans can suffer such emotional or mental stressors as the loss of a loved one, the inability to solve a problem

What are new intellectual stressors?

:">:The increasing complexities of technology and social relationships lead to increasingly difficult individual and social questions or problems, which are called new intellectual stressors. Global warming, internet crimes, atomic waste, global recesson, genetic engineering, unfair competiotions are some of the new intellectual stressors.

Can a person dying with severe gout trigger another person with autoimmune issues is family to activate Lupus sle flare?

Flares are triggered most often by physiological changes or stressors within the body. Examples of stressors include:physical or emotional stressinjuryillness

What is the medical definition of stress?

The Medical Definition of Stress is the physical, mental or emotional determinant that causes tension in the body or mind.These stressors can be of internal or external origin.

Situations that produce stress are called stressors?

yes its called stressors :) ofcourse

What are the four general types of stressors?

I believe they are: 1. work hindrance stressors, such as the daily struggles at work 2. nonwork hindrance stressors, such as a family member dying 3. work challenge stressors, such as the responsibility you have at work 4. nonwork challenge stressors, such as someone being pregnant. hope this helps!!

What are social stressors?

There are a number of peer and social stressors that can contribute to depression and suicidal behaviors.

State in which you are not responding actively to stressors?

I'm pretty sure it is resistance because you are not responding to the stressors.

True or false Situations that produce stress are called stressors?

True: Stressors is any agent that causes stress to an organism

What stressors are classified as extra-organizational stressors?

Extraorganizationa stressors include things such as societal/techonological change, globalization, the family, relocation, economic and financial conditions, racec adn class, and residential or community conditions.

Released in response to stressors?


What are mental stressors?

Isolation and Fear are two of them

What hormones release in response to stressors?


Hormones released in response to stressors?


An individual's response to environmental stressors is?


What are events that cause stress called?


What is any stressors occurring during the course of combat-related duties whether due to enemy action or other sources?

Combat Stressors

What is the difference between vertical and horizontal stressors?

Vertical stressors are things like attitudes, labels, family secrets, and myths that are passed through the generations of a family. Horizontal stressors include things like job loss, the loss of a loved one, and moving.

What does a health history provide?

In addition to identifying data, chief complaint, and review of systems, a comprehensive health history also includes factors such as a person's family and social life, family medical history, mental or emotional illnesses or stressors

What is environmental stressors?

The factors in your physical environment that stress you.

What are the emotional benefits of playing soccer?

making new friends.

Can the new wife sue husband's ex wife for emotional extortion?

Yes You Can If You Have Evidence. There are no legal grounds called emotional extortion.

You train your unit members to recognize combat stress you remind them that combat stress can be described as?

the body's mental reaction to stressors of battle the body's mental reaction to stressors of battle

What are cognitive stressors?

Overwhelming demands on a person's thinking abilities.