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Benefits include paid holidays and vacations, insurance, and retirement plans.

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Q: What are normal job benefits for a mechanical engineer?
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What are normal job benefits of being a computer engineer?

there isn't any

What job does a mechanical engineer get on an oil rig?

mechanical engineering.

What is the best job for mechanical engineer?

Fishing in river

What schooling do you need to be a mechanical engineer?

Math and science will get you most any job as an engineer.

What was brian dads job in the book hatchet?

Mechanical Engineer

What is the highest salary for a mechanical engineer?

Rights to depend on a mechanical engineer. 1 - Geographic location of jobs. 2 - Company offered a job. 3 - occupation 4 - Experience Engineer

Can mechanical engineer get job in airlines?

Mechanical engineers can work in airlines. They work in the repair of the engine and the fuselage.

What is a job that uses euler's formula?

Basically any job in which you'll regularly do lots of math - such as jobs in science or engineering.

What is the most high paying job for a mechanical engineer?

Working in the oil buisness.

Which job gives a maximum salary to mechanical engineer?

Jobs in the oil sector

Can you get good job after you become a mechanical engineer?

yes there's a high scope in it

What specific tasks does a mechanical engineer involve?

A mechanical engineer has various job tasks. Some of these tasks include designing equipment modifications and developing different project specifications.

Why should a mechanical engineer go for an IT job?

A mechanical engineer has many of the same skills that an IT professional needs. They are analytical and detailed oriented and often have overlapping jobs or classes in school.

Can one person be a mechanical engineer and an electronic engineer at the same time?

Yes, you can have both degrees, but it is unlikely you will find a job where you can do both.

Why do you want to enter software field being a mechanical engineer?

There are a number of reasons why you might want to enter a software field and become an mechanical engineer. You may be interested in the duties of the job for example.

What skills does one need to apply to maintenance engineer jobs?

You need to have mechanical skills to be able to apply for a maintenance engineer job. You need to know how to work on machines if they break down and be able to troubleshoot it. The more mechanical skills you have the better you will do at the job.

What do mechanical engineers work with in mines?

The job of a mechanical engineer is to design machines and mechanical installations for major projects. They also evaluate installed equipment, processes and products.

What is the average salary of a mechanical and electrical engineer?

It depends on what work they do and how long they for. it also depends on what position of the work they are doing at their job.

Does computer needed for being mechanical engineer?

Yes they do need a computer because mostly every job needs a computer.

What can you do in middle school and high school to prepare to be a mechanical engineer?

research what the job is about, buy books about it and ensure you know all the basics

What is Howards job from the big bang theory?

He's a mechanical engineer at Cal Tech, specializaing in gear used in outer space.

what types of job do mechanial engineer do?


Which is good demand among ece and mechanical engineering?

let look from the different angle, mechanical engineering and ece has almost equal scope but mechanical have little higher because mechanical has wide variety of subjects and every skilled mechanical engineer has got statisfyed job.... now we look from ece,ece is the easy to learn and has good job outlook,every professsionaly skilled engineerhas good job aspect...

Which has better future ece or mechanical engineering?

Mechanical Engineering has a good scope than ece....ece is all about electric devices and communication devices.......even mechanical engineer can do some of that job....mechanical can go in any field even in IT field if you are good at i vote for mechanical......

What jobs are listed for engineering?

There are many different types of engineering jobs. Some types listed on the internet are mechanical engineer, computer software engineer, fish farm engineer, and electrical engineer. I would need to know what type of engineering job you were looking for in order to narrow the search.