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What are opinions on the best guitar manufacturers?

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It depends on what style of music you want to play. What brands do your favorite player play? Eric Clapton plays Fender Stratocasters, James Taylor uses Martin or Taylor (expensive brands he can afford to play). Gibson is a favorite of many players. There are many fine makers of Guitars, and not all of them are familiar brands. Small guitar manufacturers exist and make exceptional instruments. For example, Michael Kelly Guitars, Minarik Guitars, and Reverend Guitars among many others. For a first guitar pay a little extra to make it easier to learn on, though expect to pay anywhere from $199 to $499 for a decent first guitar. If it becomes a hobby it will last you a life time. If it becomes more than a hobby then you can spend big money on a top of the line instrument (although a $500 instrument can sound just as good as one costing thousands of dollars). One more thing if your left-handed, learn to play on a right-handed guitar. There are few advantages to learning to play on an oddball instrument.

2008-02-06 08:21:05
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