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Hi, Here are the things I would look for: Purchase the machine where they HAVE warrantee service on site. Purchase a brand name such as Janome, Bernina etc. It is better to buy a low end, high quality machine than to purchase a low priced no name product no matter how many bells and whistles it has on it. There is nothing worse than working with a poor quality machine, and you would be throwing your money away. Most machines today have more choices of designs etc. on them than you will ever use. Look for a strong metal shank and attachments. I made curtains for my brother with an inexpensive machine I purchased because I was out of town, and the machine just made it through the project. Spend your $$ wisely. Don't be persuaded to purchase the top of the line etc. Most honest dealers will show you everything and listen to what your personal needs are. If you are totally new to sewing, I would purchase a machine from a sewing dealer so that you get all your lessons. If you don't need the guidance, check your local papers and see if anyone is selling a "quality" machine. I have several machines, but my favorite is the Bernina 1130 a floor model from a sewing shop. It is a true workhorse and I've sewn continually on it for about 20 years. I know that the Bernina store near me sells, services, gives lessons etc. They have great used machines that also carry warantees and have floor model sales each year. This is the type of service you MUST have. Just remember that when you by a quality machine, you can always trade up. That is that they take the cost of your original machine that you purchase with them and apply the full price to the purchase of a newer machine with more capability. I hope you have a BLAST! Kate _____________ I would echo what Kate wrote. You will be much more productive with a well-reputed brand vs. a Singer or White.

2009-02-14 11:20:16
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What are the best sewing machines?

Juki and Brother make sewing machines that are good.

What type of sewing machine would be best for a beginner to learn on?

Any Brother sewing machine will be simple for the beginner to start working on.

Best Janome sewing machine?

There are several good sewing machines from Janome. If you are a beginner and want a heavy-duty machine HD1000 would be a good option. It was selected as the best heavy-duty sewing machine in America by best-home-ideas. For more info you can read it here

Are sewing machines by brother the best?

Brother brand sewing machines are widely considered to be the some of the best made.

What sewing machine is best for a beginner?

The Brother CS6000i Computerized Sewing Machine would be the best sewing machine for a beginner. This machine gets 5 stars on amazon and has had several positive reviews. This sewing machine is very easy to use and the manual is easy to read. It is computerized, automatic, and has a light for the best viewing.

Where can one find reviews on the best sewing machine?

One can find reviews on the best sewing machines through a website called best sewing machine reviews. They have reviews on the best sewing machines money can by through brand, color, size, shape, model etc.

What is the best way to get more information on toyota sewing machine?

"To find lots of information on Toyota's line of sewing machines, you can find them on Toyota Sewing Machines' website. On the site, you can compare both of Toyota's current sewing products, look at pictures submitted by Toyota sewing machine enthusiasts of their finished sewing products, and find local information about Toyota Sewing Machines for your region."

What is the part of a sewing machine?

The best description of sewing machine parts and their functions is at

Do people still use hand sewing machine's?

To the best of my knowledge people still use hand sewing machines

What is the best sewing machine under $200?

Singer is the standard in sewing machines, and make several good ones under $200.

What are the parts of the sewing machine and their functions?

The best description I have seen of sewing machine parts and their functions is at

What companies make mini sewing machines?

Mini sewing machines are available from such companies as Michley, Smartek, Janome, Brother, and Kenmore. Of these, Brother's models consistently receive some of the best reviews.

How are sewing machines created?

Don't know but most of the best are (and have been) made by Singer.

Who offers the best quality sewing machines?

Singer makes high quality sewing machines. They are a well-known company founded in 1851. They are responsible for the first electric machine and zig-zag machine.


sewing machines are kinda stupid

What are the safest brands of sewing machine?

Viscount if your looking at older machines, Kenmore for the 1990's. But if you can afford it Singer is the best brand of sewing machine.

What are the best sewing machine brands?

The Singer sewing machine is the best brand on the market. They are very easy to use and durible beyond belief. There are a variety of different machines to chose from as well.

What are the best sewing machines for beginners?

For beginners, a good sewing machine to start with is one that is easy to use and doesn't have too many fancy features. One good example is Singer's Simple Sewing Machine.

Are there sewing machines services businesses around the Portland, Oregon area?

There are several sewing machine services in and around Portland. The best way to find one near you is to check out

My grandmother offered to give me her old sewing machine that she has had for 30 years, she says it works fine, but are there any features that the newer models have that would impact the quality of my sewing?

Sewing machines are generally the same,it is best to start with an older machine to lean the basics.

How do you set up your brothers sewing machine to make bobbins?

Since there are different adjustments for every brand of sewing machines, the best you can do is taking it to a technician who will teach you how to make bobbins. It's a very easy operation.

What kind of brand is a good sewing machine?

My wife and my previous wife both had many sewing machines. The both report Singer as "adequate for the amateur". Their personal choices of 'best' were Elna, Bernina and Janome.

What equipment do fashion designers use?

You need needles sewing machines and materiel's of clot all the time. All the best who want to be designers

Which is the best beginners sewing machine available in US?

It depends on your budget. There are many brands and models with different features. For more information you can read, ULTIMATE LIST OF 35 BEST BEGINNERS SEWING MACHINES AVAILABLE IN UNITED STATES published by Best Home Ideas (in Related Links).

How to find the best and cheapest sewing machine?

Reading reviews such as those found in Consumer Reports is one way to find the best product. Shopping for used machines and sales is another good strategy. Sewing machines usually go on sale right before Mother's Day, so April or early May would be a good time to buy.