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Any question relating to the "best university" will always attract biased answers. In truth, a university education is what YOU make of it. There are, in fact, very few "bad" universities out there, and in the vast majority of cases the quality of education you receive at any university (at least in Canada) will be of a high quality. But ultimately what you take away from your university experience has a lot more to do with YOU than it does the university itself. It's up to YOU what you study, how seriously YOU take your studies, and how much YOU choose to engage with your professors and peers. Every university in Canada has a healthy student social life, so there's really no need to worry about that -- you'll find your crowd sooner or later, no matter where you go. So, in short, I'd hesitate to make any "best university" statements. Personally I studied at McGill in Montreal, but I also studied at a number of other universities in Canada. I had a fine experience at McGill, but not having experienced other schools in Montreal, wouldn't dare to say "McGill is the best." If you can find someone who has attended every university in Montreal, then this person MAY be able to provide you with an educated answer. But I suspect there are very, very few people out there who've had such a varied education. With all this in mind, do your own research into which university offers what YOU want; consider class sizes and proximity to things that are important to you (downtown, or not, for example). And most importantly, remember it's YOUR education, so YOU have to make the best of it, no matter where you go :-)

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Q: What are opinions on the best universities in Montreal?
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