What are opinions on the worst Edward Norton film?

My opinion:

I don't really think that any of his movies are bad,well,I'm going to show you why.

Edward Norton's first movie: Primal Fear,a movie that he isn't THAT much in,pretty much thought but in main role,Richard Gere,great actor.

Great movie too!

Second movie:Same there,only that Woody Harrelson is in there,Richard Gere is a better actor but Woody isn't a bad actor either,and a good movie.

Third movie :Everyone says i love you,Edward Norton, Drew Barrymore,great actors,good movie.

Rounders,great movie! Great Actors,Matt Damon,and Edward Norton in main roles.

American History X,same as Primal Fear,but Edward is in main role and it's a great movie!

Fight Club,one of the best movie I've seen,Brad Pitt,Edward Norton.

Keeping the faith,Ben Stiller in it!

Not too bad movie,not too bad.

Death to smoochie,Robin Williams,Danny DeVito,Edward Norton,funny movie,but good too,not like Norbit,funny but bad.

Frida,Salma Hayek,Alfred Molina,Antonio banderas, not too bad movie with great actors.

Red Dragon,Great movie and actors,Anthony Hopkins.

I'm not gonna type down the other movies because i feel the same with them as i do with Primal Fear,only typing what great actors are in the other movies.

Philip Seymor Hoffman

Mark Wahlberg

Donald Sutherland

Charlize Theron

Jason Statham

Seth Green

Liam Neeson

Orlando Bloom

Liev Schreiber

Tim Roth

William Hurt

Collin Farrel

Jon Voight

Robert De Niro.

Milla Jovovich.....i kinda hate her but i guess many people don't.

I'm finished.

P.S. He really hasn't made a bad movie