What are orbs?

Real spirit orbs are very rarely seen, and emit a glow that's visible to the naked eye.

Contrary to popular belief, the "orbs" seen on digital photos and videos today are nothing more than dust particle artifacts caused by the way digital cameras process light information. They range from one or two to a lot. Somewhere someone got the notion that dust artifacts are spirit orbs, but that has since been debunked and disproven many times over.

As I said, real spirit orbs are rare - if you ever see one you'll know. Consider yourself fortunate and in rare company if you do.


to really answer your question, orbs are the premature stages of a ghost that appear just after the person dies, that is, if they to intend to stay on earth to complete an unfinished task. Soon after they are on earth as an orb for awhile, and gain enough energy, they become full bodied ghost.