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Orthodox icons are often referred to as "windows to heaven." The icon is a depiction of Christ, the saints, or biblical events done in a very precise fashion with thoughtful prayer throughout the process. The icon shares in the reality of image it depicts, thus we hold them very dear as they teach us with our eyes what our ears cannot hear.
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What is an icon?

In the Broadest Sense . Typically when someone refers to an icon it will refer to apicture or a representation of some kind. Meanings behind icons areusually highly figurative. In computers . An icon is a image or a small picture that may let you open afile. You will often find these icons on the ( Full Answer )

What is an Orthodox Jew?

Orthodox Judaism is one branch of Judaism. The branches of Judaismare different in the level of their adherence to tradition,dedication to the study of Torah (what Christians call the OldTestament) and Talmud, and their adherence to Biblical laws.Orthodox Jews are the most observant, traditional Jew ( Full Answer )

What does icon do?

An icon represents an object in the operations system - an application, a folder, a file etc. Clicking it initiates some action on this object (running an application, opening a file and so on).

What is an Orthodox Mass?

Answer . In the Orthodox Church, this rite is usually called the Divine Liturgy, rather than the Mass. It is the most important sacrament (or mystery) of the Church, celebrated every Sunday and on feast days throughout the year (in some communities, particularly in monasteries, it is celebrated ( Full Answer )

What are disagreements over saints icons and relics between the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches?

Answer . The dispute revolved around whats become known as iconclasm. It's been resolved, at least on the Western Church's side, for centuries. Initially, it wasn't so much about each others particular art, as it was in which of the 'pagan' art should be left un-smashed and unburned. The diffe ( Full Answer )

What are icons?

They are symbols on a computer screen or they can be like little god statues like the Buddha, go on Google type in buddha icon (click images first) go to the third page and click the very first pitchure you see. (in the center left hand corner ^

What is the orthodox?

Orthodox is the religious or political views of a person conformingto what is traditionally accepted. Orthodox means conventional,mainstream and conservative.

How do you write Eastern Orthodox Icons?

Iconographers study iconography at Seminary, or study under a noted iconographer. Some monks and nuns who write icons, study iconography at the monastery.

What is an 'icon'?

An icon is a pictogram used in a graphical user interface. The can represent applications, files, folders, devices etc. in an operations system (Windows, MacOS, Linux or other). Clicking an icon performs an action on the object it represents.

Why do Orthodox Christians kiss icons?

\nIt is important to kiss holy icons or images, as this is a sign of respect, in the same way that we kiss a picture of our mother, father, husband, wife or children, to show the respect that we have for our loved ones. When we kiss a photo or picture of a family member or loved one, we are not wosh ( Full Answer )

How do Orthodox and Anglican Christians differ in their use of icons?

Some Anglicans (known as Episcopalians in the US) use icons in their churches. Most fall into the category of "high church" Anglicans, rather than the "low church" Anglicans. High church Anglicans frequently use icons, incense and bells as a means of facilitating worship and relationship to God, whe ( Full Answer )

Who are the orthodox?

Orthodox is a religion. They believe in the Bible, and in God. The difference is they are cool.

Who is a Jew that is not Orthodox?

A non-Orthodox Jew is a Jew who either does not believe in the binding nature of Halacha (Jewish Law) or who believes in Halacha but interprets the rules in a more modern fashion. Non-Orthodox Jews generally place a large amount of value on personal responsibility.

What is Orthodox Judaism?

Orthodox Judaism refers, collectively, to those Jews who follow the Torah as literally as possible. For example, they keep kosher, dress modestly, the men do not talk to women unless they are family, they do not work on the Jewish Sabbath, and they go to Synagogue more than any other sect. On import ( Full Answer )

What is the Orthodox religion?

The Orthodox religion is very similar to the Catholic religion,except that the Orthodox do not believe that the holy spiritproceeds from both the Father and Son according to Catholictradition, they believe it proceeds only from the Father. They alsodo not accept the Pope as their leader as of yet, b ( Full Answer )

What is the leader of the Orthodox?

The heads of the Orthodox church are called Patriarchs. There are seven patriarchates, lead by the Primate, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople.

Can anyone show in holy scripture that icons where venerated before the death of Christ or if he taught it before his death and if not why do Eastern Orthodox do it now?

Icons are venerated by commemorating the memory of a saint, in the same way that the people of God in the Old Testament commemorated the righteous people who pleased God. “The memory of the righteous is blessed” (Poverbs 10:17). \nSt Luke the Apostle and Evangelist was the first person to ( Full Answer )

When did Orthodox begin?

The earliest church which formed at Pentecost was the firstOrthodox church, this happened soon after Jesus death. For thefirst almost thousand years there was only the Orthodox churchuntil the Roman church broke away.

What are orthodox Christians?

To be "an orthodox Christian" means to have the right or correct opinion about Christian doctrine. However, who is entitled to judge that? One approach is for an individual person to decide who he or she will trust to give them the right opinion. Another approach is for an individual to independe ( Full Answer )

What are Orthodox Catholics?

There are Eastern or Byzantine Rite Catholics but they are in full union with Rome as opposed to the Eastern Orthodox Churches which are not. There was a brief period in the 20th century, when a separate Orthodox Church broke away from the Eastern Orthodox Church in America and formed the America Or ( Full Answer )

What is the opposite of orthodox?

"unorthodox", when the meaning is non-conventional or non-traditionalist, but "heterodox", when the meaning is a non-Orthodox Christian or belief.

What is a Orthodox?

a othadox is a place or a room where u go in with yourself and a man and have sex badly

Where is orthodox?

"orthodox" literally means "right glory" from the Greek ortho (right) and doxa (glory). Orthodoxy is where two or three are gathered who believe and maintain the correct faith about the person of Jesus Christ.. Headed by a local bishop, the Orthodox Church is not so much a "Universal" Church, it is ( Full Answer )

What is an Orthodox icon?

It is a painting on wood of saints and biblical events. They are painted with symbolic colours and the background is usually gold .

How you draw and paint a orthodox icons?

Writing icons is an extremely prayer-filled task. You first, needto ask the Lord for guidance in this situation, and to guide yourhand. You also need to pray to the saint you are going to bewriting. Praying to a saint, is not the same as praying to God. Youmust ask the saint to pray for YOU in this ( Full Answer )

What is a orthodox synagogoue?

It's a synagogue where men and women sit separately and the bimah is facing the Ark of the Covenant.

How did the Orthodox church view the use of icons?

Icons are venerated (honored) but not worshipped in the Orthodox Church. This is done by commemorating the memory of a saint, in the same way that the people of God in the Old Testament commemorated the righteous people who pleased God: "The memory of the righteous is blessed" (Proverbs 10:17). St ( Full Answer )

Did the eastern orthodox churches members worship icons?

No, they have never worshipped icons. Only God is worshipped in the Orthodox Church. Icons are venerated (meaning honored) by commemorating the memory of a saint, in the same way that the people of God in the Old Testament commemorated the righteous people who pleased God. "The memory of the righteo ( Full Answer )

What do the orthodox believe in?

The Nicene Creed: . We believe in one God, the Father Almighty, the maker of heaven and earth, of things visible and invisible. And in one Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the begotten of God the Father, the Only-begotten, that is of the essence of the Father. God of God, Light of Light, true ( Full Answer )

How did the people of the eastern orthodox church feel about icons?

The Orthodox people venerate (honour) icons by commemorating the memory of a saint. In the same way, people in the Old Testament commemorated the righteous people who pleased God. "The memory of the righteous is blessed" (Proverbs 10:17). St Luke the Apostle and Evangelist was the first person to ( Full Answer )

What rhymes with orthodox?

1. dox 2. heterodox 3. orthdox 4. paradox 5. philodox 6. pseudodox 7. redox 8. unorthodox .

Why are there Orthodox icons in Westminster Abbey?

Because the Church of England has not opposed the use of holy icons in its churches. Only some evengelical protestant groups do not use icons. The Queen of England and the Archbishop of Canterbury support the use of icons.

Was Constanine Orthodox?

Yes, it was he who established Christianity as the official religion of the Byzantine Empire.

Why do Orthodox Greeks kiss icons?

Because kissing is a sign of respect, just like when you kiss a picture of your mother, father, or child. Icons are not worshipped, they are venerated (meaning honoured) by commemorating the memory of a saint. By venerating icons we ask for the saints to pray to God for us, because we know that Go ( Full Answer )

What is the significance of icons in the orthodox church?

Icons are holy images that declare the presence of the kingdom of God in the church. They are not only 'visual aids' but representations of the living saints of God. Jesus Christ Himself is also referred to in the Bible as "the image of the invisible God" (Colossians 1:15 and 2Corinthians 4:4). Ho ( Full Answer )

Why were icons important to the eastern orthodox and western roman catholic churches?

Icons were (and still are) important because they have been used continuously in the church for over 2,000 years. Icons are holy images that declare the presence of the kingdom of God in the church. They are not only 'visual aids' but representations of the living saints who we honour. Honouring t ( Full Answer )

What is orthodox and pentecost?

orthodox mean of, pertaining to, or conforming to the approved form of anydoctrine, philosophy, ideology, etc. pentecost is The Christian festival celebrating the descent of the Holy Spirit on the disciples of Jesus after his Ascension, held on the seventh...

What did the eastern orthodox church think about icons?

Icons are an important part of Orthodox worship. In prayer, the icon focuses your thoughts and keeps your mind from wandering ... a constant reminder. They have been an integral part of Orthodox worship since the beginning of the Church at the time of Christ. The 7th Ecumenical Council reinforced th ( Full Answer )

What are beliefs concerning icons in the eastern orthodox chruch?

Walk into any Lutheran, Catholic, Evangelical or Mormon classroom, and you're likely to see an image of Jesus that looks realistic, very Northern European, in a pasture preaching. This is a lovely image, but it fails to accomplish what an Eastern Orthodox icon does: it tells the master stories of th ( Full Answer )

What was the position of the eastern orthodox church concering the topic of icons?

The east is pretty conservative when it comes to icons. In fact, I just went to a seminar on this. First of all, we do not worship icons. Icons are a reminder of the acts that a saint as done rather than their physical appearance. Now, there are certain things an icon must include. The features must ( Full Answer )

Who was orthodox Christianity?

Your question is strangely asked. The word "orthodox" is based on the Greek words "orthos" meaningright, true, straight, and "doxa" meaning praise. The word thenrefers to something which is the "right idea." Those who hold to what may be called "traditional Christianity"(the faith of the early Chur ( Full Answer )

Was praying over icons and disagreement about whether Christ was the son of God a source of tension between the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches?

Although in practice icons often were (and still often are) objectsof worship among Orthodox believers and several of them were andare believed to have supernatural powers, the official teaching ofthe Orthodox Church is that they are not sacred object ofworship. In that sense there is or was no di ( Full Answer )

Are eastern orthodox icons made of oil or charcoal?

No. The components of most portable Orthodox icons are wood (as abase) covered with linen and then covered with gesso. The paintsthemselves are usually derived from minerals naturally found inrocks and sands mixed with a medium such as an egg yolk/ vinegarmixture. Some artists are known to have used ( Full Answer )