What are other names for lions?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Panthera Leo

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Q: What are other names for lions?
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What are other names for cougars?

if you mean the category of cougars there are panthers pumas lions tigers catsi think they mean other names for the cougarCougarPumaMountain LionPanther

What are the names of the three lions on the England crest?

The three England lionsSome old geezer in the pub was telling me this last night! He said it was: "Claws", "Maine" and "He Roars"Take it or leave it!the actual names of the three lions are : roary pauz and mayne .From a guide at the Houses of Parliament and from other sources.The names of the three Lions are as follows.Rollo, Mayne and AquitaneSource verified.

Names of lions that hibernate?

Lions don't hibernate. No member of the cat family hibernates.

What was the names of the 3 male lions in the National Geographic's Lions of Darkness?

Goon,Gimp and Berke

What are the names of male and female leader of lions?


What are the names of wild big cats?

tigers, lions, pumas, mountain lions, jaguars, Leopards, cougers, etc

Do lions live Australia?

Lions are indigenous to Africa. Other than the lions in the zoo, lions do not live in Australia.

What do lions do to protect themselves?

Lions do not have predators except for other lions and human beings. They protect themselves from humans by hiding and running when they see us. They protect themselves from other lions by either doing the same thing, or by fighting the other lions.

Why do lions fight with other lions?

Mostly because of food and who gets control of the female lions.

What kind of lions are there and what are there names?

Today there are African lions in Africa and asiatic lions in Asia. A long time ago lions inhabited Europe and north America they were called the north American lion and the European cave lion

Why do lions fight?

Lions and other lions fight to see who is the strongest. They also fight to see who will eat first and to protect their young from other prides.

How do ses lions act towards other sea lions?

they do nothing