What are owls scared of?

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Q: What are owls scared of?
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Are hawks scared of owls?

yes i think

What is one reason that owls have been feared in some cultures?

beacuse they are scared of owls

Do owls flit?

Yes, owls definitely flit. One scared the bejesus out of me, flitting.

What are magpies scared of?

Barking Owls and any raptor birds.

How do owls adapt to their habitat?

they urine then every other animal gets scared

What are mice scared of?

Owls, snakes, loud noises, anything else they find to be a threat, animals bite in fear.

Would owls harm you if you had one for a pet?

They shouldn't, as long as you don't make them feel scared in a small space(corner, cage, ect.). Owls usually only attack objects smaller than themselves

Are rats scared of people?

Well .. Usually Rats are Scared Of Human's or anything that they view as a threat.. such as . Owls , Cats , Dogs , Snakes. And Humans.. But sometimes you do get them sort of rats that think ' Well Heey ' i ain't scared of anything. but nomally they would be scared of humans... just don't bother with it and it won't bother with you.

How well do owls get along with humans?

I wouldnt try to go near one bacause you never know how scared or terrofide it could be.

Is Simon cowell scared of owls?

Yes he is! It is not just a song it is a true story that was put in to an animation to show the struggle Simon Cowell goes through on a regular basis being the King Of The Beavers! But you cant fool owls!

What sound does an owl make if it is in danger?

It depends on the owl. Some barn owls click their tounges when startled. Some owls screech in horror. Also, owls wilf. This means when they are happy or casual, their featheres are fluffly. When they are scared,they pull their feathers in close to their body. When angry, they puff up their feathers so they appear larger.

What are prairie dogs scared of?

Prairie dogs are scared of anything that makes a loud noise or makes a sudden movement as long as it is not bigger than the prairie dog. specific animals are: hawks, owls, coyotes, foxes, and snakes (because those animals eat them).

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