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What are papers made from?

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Paper can be made from any plant such as trees, grasses, straws etc.

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Did Isaac Newton publisher any papers?

37 papers were made

What was the reason for the federalist papers?

The federalist papers were made by gangs to stop jesus

What can be made out of paper?

dollar bills can be made out of papers.

Can you smoke papers?

yeah, that's what they are made for

In what year were toilet paper made?

Toilet papers were made in 1843.

Was the united state flag made out of worn or out dated papers?

it was made from urine.

What was the name given to the papers that Ellsburg leaked?

He leaked the Pentagon Papers in 1971, which had to do with decisions made in the Vietnam War.

How making papers from trees can damage environment?

Making papers from trees can damage environment, as for papers to be made, trees must be cut, and by cutting trees, we damage environment.

How many papers are made each day?


What kind of paper should you use to roll a joint?

Rolling papers - look for the thin slow-combustion papers. It is also called as smoking papers these papers are made of synthetic Rice yhe best od the Rolling papers are silver papers which are of the perfext lenght and size to roll the perfect Joint.

How many sets of question paper are made for CBSE board examination?

papers are made of?

What came first The Federalist Papers or The Constitution?

The Federalists Papers were made to help spread approval for the Constitution. While the Constitution was written first, the Papers were publihsed before the Constituion was ratified.

What papers did Benjamin Franklin made?

POOR Richard's almanac

What did Kennedy do that made a positive difference?

he signed papers for civil rights

What is the glue on cigarette papers made of?

Carpet glue, the industrial kind.

Why do papers become yellow after several years?

because of what the paper is made of

What are cottonele paper towels made of?

Cottonele papers are made from 100% Celolouse and a fresh blaked cotton...

What do you know about the Mr Pickwick papers?

His second publication and the one that made him famous: The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club (Monthly serial, April 1836 to November 1837)[

Is it legal if your parents adopt you without adoption papers?

If your parents are not your biological parents and have adopted you and made themselves your legal guardians then they would have to have adoption papers or it wouldn't be legal.

What kind of paper is made from recycled paper?

Most of newsprint, writing, printing and or packaging papers can be made with recycled paper.

When were the Jews made to wear their ID?

Never, their identity papers were usually held in a pocket.

What can you use a paper box for?

In Marks brings to you Beautiful Collections of Paper products made from high quality handmade which is Paper made from recycled paper products. Here you'll find products like lampshades, paper lanterns, and Paper string lights all made from handmade paper. We have huge collection of handmade papers from plain white to designer printed papers every paper products we have made from high quality handmade papers.

What happens if divorce papers were filed but asked not to be served?

Serving the papers is part of the process and will not move forward until your spouse is notified, or that every attempt to notify him has been made.

What is the purpose of having headings in position papers?

The headings support the points made in the thesis statement.

What is Jedwards number?

Personal information about someone should never be made public on the Internet or in the papers.