What are pen lids made out of?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Q: What are pen lids made out of?
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Why is there a hole in the end of some pen lids?

to stop the ink from drying up

How many people die per year from chewing pen caps?

Zero, pen lids don't kill anyone. Ha, take that, Ollie!

Are jar lids made of aluninum?


How pen was made?

the pen was made by french explorers

What pen was the first pen made?

The Quill or Reed Pen was the first pens ever made

What tissues are your eyelids made of?

Your eye lids scientist say are made of cartilage.

Is a pen made out of tar?

no, pen is made out of plastic or whatever it might be made out of?

What plastic is a pen made out of?

a plastic pen is made out of a special type of plastic that is moulded to the shape of a pen! :)

What is the squid pen made of?

The pen of a squid is made out of pure calcium nitrate

What are pen points made of?

A ball point pen point is made of a small metal ball.

What was quill pen made from?

The quill pen is made from the flight feathers of a goose. In the old days one goose made many pen's. I hope you help.

Who made the safety pen?

Walter Hunt Invented the safety pen.