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This is hard to answer.

Each person varies, most people are kind and polite, but not all people are.

There are good and bad apples in the bunch.

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What are the people like in Russia?

пешы ещо goot people

Does America get along with Russia today?

Well,heres the thing,Some people in Russia may not like America and some might. Just like in America,Some people may like Russians and some might not

What do people in Russia look like?

white and lite skin no black

What was life like living in Joseph Stalin's russia?

There are many people who believed that life was awful living under Joseph Stalin's Russia. Many people were afraid of him.

How do people dress in Russia?

The Russian people dress all most exactly like us Americans do. !

Do people in Russia like farming?

i don't know it varies from person to person just like us

Why are people in Russia poor?

People in Russia are not poor, nor impoverished.

How do people travel in cities in Russia?

Exactly like in any other developed country.

What is unique to Russia?

People who live in Russia

What was life like in Russia during World War 2?

Life in Russia was hard and horrible. Many people suffered and had no supplies to live off of

What is the population of Vietnamese people in Russia?

The population of Vietnamese people in Russia is 26,205.

Were do people live in Russia?

People live all throughout Russia. However, the majority of Russians live in Western Russia or all along the southern border of Russia.

Does Russian people look Chinese?

Yes, in some areas there are people who do look like they are Chinese in Russia. But that is in the Siberian area

Do they eat dogs in Russia?

No, people do not eat dogs in Russia.

What animals does Russia have in it?

Russia has animals such as people they also have oxygen

Why is Russia belongs to Europe?

Russia does not entirely in Europe. Part of Russia, is in Asia. This is why people say Russia is a Eurasian country.

What was medieval Russia like?

In Soviet Russia, Jews kill YOU!

How many czars did Russia have?

Prior to people like Lenin and Stalin as well as Putin coming to power Russia was ruled by a system of Czars. In total the country had 19 Czars.

What is the temperature like in russia?

The temperature in Russia is mostly cold. In Moscow, the average annual temperature is 6 degrees Celsius. It means that people have to dress warmly throughout the year.

How does the population of Russia compare with the population of the US?

Russia has 143,200,000 people. United States has 308,745,000 people.

How does the climatic zones affect the people of Russia?

It affects the people of russia by Long winters and Mild summers

Is Russia in the US?

No, Russia is not in the United States. Russia is a separate country, just like the United States. While, it is true that only about 50 miles separate Alaska (a state in the United States) from Russia, they are two separate countries.

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